Maple Seed Pods and Fan Blades?

Have you ever noticed the seed pods of maple or sycamore trees falling to the ground in the autumn? When I was a child, we called them helicopters because they resemble helicopter blades. There is a certain beauty to them. You may be wondering what do maple seed pods have to do with ceiling fans? It turns out that nature might have the secret to creating the most aerodynamic and efficient ceiling fan in the world.

Why People Love Ceiling Fans

There’s no doubt about it; people love ceiling fans. At Ceiling Fans Direct, we have one of the largest selections of ceiling fans in Australia. We sell ceiling fans with lights, decorative ceiling fans and ceiling fans with super high efficiency blades and motors. But, what is it about ceiling fans that make them a must for every Australian household?

Let’s Talk About Aerodynamic Fan Designs

If you are looking for a high efficiency fan, you may be considering a fan with an aerodynamic design. At Ceiling Fans Direct, we sell several aerodynamic fans. You’re probably wondering, though, if it is worth your money. Does an aerodynamic design actually help your fan perform better? And if so, how do you choose the right fan for you

Cutting Edge Fan Design

Most ceiling fans will cool the occupants of a room, but not all ceiling fans are created equal. Some fans are at the cutting edge of ceiling fan design, while others, though functional, may be a bit old fashioned and stodgy. At Ceiling Fans Direct, we have hundreds of fans; some of our fans are extremely unique, while others are perfect for certain rooms. And, many of our highest quality fans are at the cutting edge of ceiling fan design.

Cheap Fans vs. Top Quality Fans

When you’re installing a new ceiling fan in your home or business, you’ll likely be tempted to buy the cheapest possible option – who doesn’t want to save money? If you do this, though, you may end up spending more money in the long run when you have to replace your cheap, low-quality fan. At Ceiling Fans Direct, we offer many affordable options, but we would never describe our fans as cheap. They are all sturdy, steady, quiet and reliable, which are all essential features in a ceiling fan.

Time To Switch Fan Direction?

Summer is a distant memory, and fall is almost over. However, just because winter is coming, it doesn’t mean it’s time to switch off your ceiling fan. In fact, your ceiling fan can stay on all year round and this time of year, it can be especially useful. You just need to change the direction in which the fan spins.

Some of Our Quietest Fans

When you’re deciding which new ceiling fan to purchase, you’re considering many different issues. How does the fan fit into your decorating scheme? Does the fan have a reliable motor? Is the fan covered by a warranty? These are all important questions to answer. Another element you should consider: how quiet is the fan?

Let’s Talk About High Efficiency Fan Motors

These days, everyone is thinking about sustainability and energy efficiency, and rightly so. With electricity costs skyrocketing, we want to make sure we do our part to save energy — and our hard-earned money. Buying a ceiling fan with a new, high efficiency motor is one surefire way to lower your electricity bills and do your part to help the environment, as well.

Ceiling Fans and Thermal Delight

During the hot summer, we sometimes spend the entire day in an air conditioned room. We go from our air conditioned home to an air conditioned car to an air conditioned office, and maybe even to an air conditioned restaurant or movie theatre after work.

Mission Style / Arts and Crafts Ceiling Fans

If you have a home that is built or is decorated in an Arts and Crafts or Mission style, then you might be looking for a ceiling fan that will fit into the theme. Characterised by simple, solid design and high quality materials, these late nineteenth and early twentieth century styles have a timeless appeal. Think dark wood, stained and leaded glass, wrought iron and weathered copper.