Energy Efficient DC Ceiling Fans

Featured New Fan: Bamboo Radical Indoor/Outdoor

When you’re buying a new ceiling fan, you should consider its efficiency and quality, but you should also think about how it will work with the existing décor of your home. After all, you don’t want your fan to clash with your carefully selected furniture and decorations.

A Cool Ceiling Fan For a Cool Room

Ceiling fans come in all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes. Different rooms in homes, businesses, stores and restaurants can also be decorated in hundreds of styles. We all know that when it comes to ceiling fans, the most important thing is that they keep you cool. If we’re being honest, though, most of us want our fan to look cool, too. They’re a decorating element as well as an aid in controlling temperature.

Talking About Aeratron

It may seem obvious to say that not all ceiling fans are the same, but for those who aren’t familiar with different brands or fan specifications, it is worth noting. What a fan looks like is certainly important, but it is equally important to consider the fan’s quality, efficiency and overall performance. Looking at the fan’s specifications along with its appearance can help you do just that. There is one brand in particular that I would like to introduce you to: Aeratron. This brand truly has it all.

Some of Our Quietest Fans

When you’re deciding which new ceiling fan to purchase, you’re considering many different issues. How does the fan fit into your decorating scheme? Does the fan have a reliable motor? Is the fan covered by a warranty? These are all important questions to answer. Another element you should consider: how quiet is the fan?

Let’s Talk About High Efficiency Fan Motors

These days, everyone is thinking about sustainability and energy efficiency, and rightly so. With electricity costs skyrocketing, we want to make sure we do our part to save energy — and our hard-earned money. Buying a ceiling fan with a new, high efficiency motor is one surefire way to lower your electricity bills and do your part to help the environment, as well.

DC Ceiling Fans

What are DC ceiling Fans? Probably just one of the most exciting innovations to ceiling fans in 30 years! You’ve heard of AC/DC right? Not the band, I’m referring to Alternating Current and Direct Current