Timber Blade Ceiling Fans

How Do I Choose the Right Size Ceiling Fan?

So, you’re looking for a new Ceiling Fan but you’re unsure where to start and what you need! With tons of products available on the Aussie market, it can be hard to find the right size ceiling fan for your space. Our local team of cooling and lighting experts are here to help and have put together a guide on choosing the right size ceiling fan for you!

What You Should Know Before Installing a New Exhaust Fan

Does your Exhaust Fan suck? Now that the Aussie climate is starting to cool down and the annoyance of foggy mirrors is upon us again, it means it's time to make sure your exhaust fans suck!

Ceiling Fan Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan Material?

Selecting the best ceiling fan for your home can be a tricky process. A great place to start is finding exactly what type of material your ceiling fan should be made from! We’ve put together a ceiling fan buying guide to explain exactly what materials are available on the ceiling fan market and exactly what ceiling fan material will be best for your needs.

Integrated wood blades: 100% on trend for 2015

If you're a trendsetter, or if you follow trends closely and want to make sure you're keeping up with them, you'll want to learn all you can about integrated wood blades. They're what's "in" when it comes to ceiling fans in 2015 and beyond.

Discount Ceiling Fans at Our Hunter Pacific Mega-Clearance

You already know we stock some of the most affordable ceiling fans in Australia, but you won’t believe the prices at our Hunter Pacific Mega-Clearance. You’ll find fans for sale at more than 60 percent off the already low prices. If you’re looking to replace an old ceiling fan, you won’t find a better time to do it. No matter what room you need a new fan for, you are sure to find something in this incredible sale.

Featured New Fan: Hunter Pacific’s Fascination

We’ve talked a lot about different ceiling fan styles for different rooms. Whether you’re into modern, contemporary, coastal, art deco or a combination of styles, we have a beautiful new fan for you. We know ceiling fans, and because we are one of the largest providers of discount ceiling fans in Australia, we know how to get you the best deal.

Presenting…the Mercator Trinidad

Looking for a great ceiling fan that moves the air, looks great, and fits with your style? Look no further than the Mercator Trinidad! It’s a classy fan with a bold, unique look, and gives you all the quality you’ve come to expect from the Mercator name.

Choosing the Right Style for Your Ceiling Fan

If it’s time to replace your current ceiling fan or if you are ready to finally purchase fans for your home, you’ve got a lot to consider. What size ceiling fans should you buy? Which brand should you choose? Should you buy ceiling fans with lights? And what colour should your fans be?

Featured New Fan: Bamboo Radical Indoor/Outdoor

When you’re buying a new ceiling fan, you should consider its efficiency and quality, but you should also think about how it will work with the existing décor of your home. After all, you don’t want your fan to clash with your carefully selected furniture and decorations.

These Don’t Look Like Cheap Ceiling Fans!

The word cheap can sometimes have a negative connotation, implying low quality. If you see a product that seems inexpensive but looks good, you might assume there’s something wrong with it – that it’s made poorly or doesn’t work well. At Ceiling Fans Direct, the value is real. Many of our fans don’t cost much, but they are certainly not cheaply made. In fact, when you look at most of our fans, you would never guess how affordable they really are.