5 Fantastic Ways to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan

Finding the perfect ceiling fan for you can be a tricky process! How exactly do you choose the perfect ceiling fan for your space? We’ve narrowed it down into 5 FANtastic ways to pick the perfect ceiling fan for you.

Your Guide to Coastal Ceiling Fans

If you live in a coastal area, then you will definitely need to pick the right coastal ceiling fan for your space. With a huge range available, it can be confusing choosing the best ceiling fan for you. We’ve put together a few key pointers from our experienced team to best help you find the perfect coastal ceiling fan for your space.

Ceiling Fans: With or Without Light?

Choosing the best ceiling fan can sometimes be a tedious process. When it comes to picking between a ceiling fan having or not having a light there are a few aspects that you’ll want to consider. Read our blog to find out whether a ceiling fan with a light or without a light is the right fit for you!

ABS Ceiling Fans Explained and Are They The Best For Your Home?

ABS ceiling fans are a fairly modern offering in the ceiling fan market. ABS is very popular among manufacturers and customers due to its relative unique shapes, affordability and potential for innovation. The range of ceiling fan styles which is available in the ceiling fan market is quite extensive, here we explain what ABS ceiling fans are, the advantages of them and whether they are a good fit for your home!

Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan: Tips & Tricks

Cleaning your ceiling fan is no easy feat, especially since they are likely the dustiest and most difficult appliance to access and clean in your home. What’s worse is the dustier you leave your fan, the more dust will fill the air and the more your ceiling fans lifespan will start to suffer. Dust can be one of the main factors behind a wobbly fan, so keeping your ceiling fan clean will not only help keep the air you and your family breathe cleaner but also help the longevity of your fan. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you on your way to a cleaner ceiling fan.

Modern ceiling fans: Another modern toy?

Like so many other inventions created to make life easier or more comfortable, the ceiling fan has moved from a utilitarian device designed to serve a specific purpose to so much more. Many ceiling fan makers have joined the electronic gizmo revolution by providing futuristic designs that really catch the attention of anyone who walks in the room. You can even get fantasy fans with curved blades, custom colours, and unique styles that fit in with modern decor! For example, the Vento Fiore Ceiling Fan with Light looks like a flower. There are eight blades, and they curve slightly up and then gently downward on the ends, giving the impression of petals.

A fan for your cabana

Having a cabana can be a great way to get out of the house and enjoy being in nature, while still having some shade and comfort to enjoy. One of the ways to make it even more comfortable in your cabana is through the use of ceiling fans. In the summer months they can help keep you cooler, and in the winter you can use them to direct warmer air down toward you and pull cool air up, so you can keep the temperature more to your liking. You don't want to get just any fan to do the job, though. You need to make sure you choose an outdoor fan that can hold up to the elements. If you don't, you'll be replacing fans often, and could also be putting yourself at risk for fire or other problems.

Industrial-style fans: So cool

There are a lot of cool fans out there; both in the way they operate and the way they look. One of the best options for style and performance are the industrial-style hanging fans. These great ceiling fans offer you a look and feel that's very different from what you might expect in some cases. With some industrial fans, the focus is on the style, with other fans, it's all about the colour or the finish. Of course, it's also possible to find fans that really combine both of those elements, to make something highly different from the expected.

The Aeratron goes upscale

The Aeratron has always been a good choice in a ceiling fan, but it has recently gotten even better. There are more options and models to choose from now, and those models provide more quality than they offered in the past - along with more aesthetic grace and beauty. When you choose a ceiling fan, you want to choose one that gives you cooling comfort but that's also going to last and going to provide you with a look and feel you'll love for a long time.

Mercator Trinidad Ceiling Fan plus LED light

See why the Trinidad ceiling fan from mercator is proving to be a real winner.