4 Types of Exhaust Fans You Need to Know About

Whether you’re upgrading or building, making sure you’ve got the right Exhaust Fan to last you years is super important! With temperatures in Australia sometimes as low as 5°C in winter, having an Exhaust Fan in your bathrooms and toilets that ticks all your boxes is a must. Here are 4 types of Exhaust Fans that you need to consider this winter.

The Best Smart Fans for Your Home

It’s easy to see why smart devices and home automation systems are all the rage! With endless configuration options, convenient installation and competitive prices, smart technology in the average Aussie home is becoming almost standard practise. Living in our beautiful Australian cities means Ceiling Fans in our homes is an absolute must! Don’t miss this easy way of keeping your home up-to-date and make sure to upgrade to Smart Ceiling Fans! Here are our best Smart Ceiling Fans for any good Aussie home.

Hot Release: The Hybrid DC Activ Ceiling Fan

One of our most highly-anticipated Ceiling Fans this summer has landed! The Activ Ceiling Fan by Airborne Fans features unique, hybrid DC technology, which means you get all the benefits of having a DC motor with the simplicity of an AC motor!

AC Ceiling Fans vs DC Ceiling Fans - Which Ceiling Fan is Best?

When it comes to Ceiling Fans there are two different types of motors available on the market. One is an AC motor (alternating current) and the other is a DC motor (direct current). AC motored ceiling fans need to be connected directly to your home (AC) power supply. This power source is what creates the force required to rotate the motor. With DC fans, the direct power source (AC) is connected to a transformer in the fan, which converts the power to DC. This will decrease the amount of power by using a direct current (DC) instead of the alternating current (AC).

Our Best Selling Ceiling Fans 2021

If there’s one thing we know about the Aussie Summer, it’s that you absolutely need a tried and tested Ceiling Fan to protect you from the searing summer bite! There’s nothing worse than getting to the sweaty months of the year with a squeaky, energy-eating and ineffective Ceiling Fan. Don’t get caught out this summer, make sure to jump on the most popular Ceiling Fans of 2021 while you still can! These are the top 10 Best Selling Ceiling fans of 2021, they’ve made their way into thousands of Aussie homes because of their awesome price points, high-powered motors, energy efficiency and their solid looks! Find your favourite today and shop the best Ceiling Fans of 2021 direct to your door!

Our Top Picks for Our Last Chance Winter Sale!

With winter officially wrapping up at the end of August we’re confronted with yet another looming Aussie Summer! It’s time to get prepped and ready for a sweaty summer season and what better way to prepare than get in quick during our Last Chance Winter Sale Clearance! Get your hands on our top product picks and bargains during our Last Chance Winter Sale!

How Do I Choose the Right Size Ceiling Fan?

So, you’re looking for a new Ceiling Fan but you’re unsure where to start and what you need! With tons of products available on the Aussie market, it can be hard to find the right size ceiling fan for your space. Our local team of cooling and lighting experts are here to help and have put together a guide on choosing the right size ceiling fan for you!

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans & Heaters

Feeling the unpleasant bite of winter? With some parts of Australia hitting temperatures as low as 5°C it means it’s time to wrangle a reliable and durable bathroom exhaust fan and heater! It can be tricky finding a great bathroom exhaust fan when there's tons of different variations on the market. We’ve made it easy, by putting together a list of the best bathroom exhaust fans and heaters!

What You Should Know Before Installing a New Exhaust Fan

Does your Exhaust Fan suck? Now that the Aussie climate is starting to cool down and the annoyance of foggy mirrors is upon us again, it means it's time to make sure your exhaust fans suck!

Summer/Winter Switch

As summer becomes a distant memory, and we can make our way into the colder months, it doesn’t mean it’s time to switch off your ceiling fan. In fact, your ceiling fan can help save you energy costs and help keep you warmer!