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Modern ceiling fans: Another modern toy?

Like so many other inventions created to make life easier or more comfortable, the ceiling fan has moved from a utilitarian device designed to serve a specific purpose to so much more. Many ceiling fan makers have joined the electronic gizmo revolution by providing futuristic designs that really catch the attention of anyone who walks in the room. You can even get fantasy fans with curved blades, custom colours, and unique styles that fit in with modern decor! For example, the Vento Fiore Ceiling Fan with Light looks like a flower. There are eight blades, and they curve slightly up and then gently downward on the ends, giving the impression of petals.

Not only does it look like a flower, but also the moulded plastic blades open stylishly to reveal a beautiful lamp in the centre. When not in use, the blades retract, just like a flower closed up for the evening. If you love flowers and like to have them in your home, or if flower patterns are a big part of your decor, this 42" flower-style fan could be just the thing you've been looking for to make your home complete. It's not just about the design of your fan, though. It's also about what kinds of things your new ceiling fan will be able to do. The Vento Fiore comes with a wall controller and a summer/winter switch, so you can have convenience and comfort from it all year round.

Many fans now also come with remote controls, so you can change the settings and make adjustments to your fan without the need to even get up from your chair. Having a ceiling fan in a modern style that you can control from your comfortable place on the couch is a great way to have another technological gadget that you enjoy playing with, but that also adds a lot of value to your home. Be sure to consider the technology involved when choosing a ceiling fan, as you want one that's going to be durable and do everything you want or need it to do. It's about having fun with your fan, but there are plenty of practical uses for remote controls and other fan gadgets, too.


Remote-controlled fans are especially good for high ceilings, where reaching up to pull a chain or flip a switch is often very impractical. You don't want to have to get the ladder out every time you need to turn on the fan's light or change how fast the blades are spinning. While it may be fun to have "toys" like remote controls to go with your fan, considering the practical side of whether you need them is important. They can be very helpful in some rooms, and also for people who have mobility issues that can make getting up and down to adjust the fan more difficult. The modern ceiling fans of today take all of that into account, and companies like Martec and Hunter Pacific are steadily working to accommodate what customers want and need in their ceiling fans.

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