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A fan for your cabana

Having a cabana can be a great way to get out of the house and enjoy being in nature, while still having some shade and comfort to enjoy. One of the ways to make it even more comfortable in your cabana is through the use of ceiling fans. In the summer months they can help keep you cooler, and in the winter you can use them to direct warmer air down toward you and pull cool air up, so you can keep the temperature more to your liking. You don't want to get just any fan to do the job, though. You need to make sure you choose an outdoor fan that can hold up to the elements. If you don't, you'll be replacing fans often, and could also be putting yourself at risk for fire or other problems.


When you get the right ceiling fan, you won't need to worry about the wear and tear it may get from being outdoors. That's a great feeling, and it's also much safer. Fans that are designed for indoor use only should never be used in a cabana. These fans generally aren't made to handle the climate changes that come with being in the cabana, and they may corrode, freeze up, or simply break down much faster. They could also pose a hazard if they get wet or are otherwise exposed to the elements too much, so you want to think carefully about which fan you're going to buy. The right fan can give you beauty and peace of mind in one package.

One of the best choices for your cabana is the Antique Brass Majestic Little Bay IP44 Outdoor Ceiling Fan, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of the Australian climate, so you don't have to be concerned about it holding up to the weather. At 42" it can be used in smaller cabanas, but will also work in larger ones, to keep the air moving so you and your guests are much more comfortable. As long as the fan is fully under cover, it's safe to use either indoors or out, and works with both flat and pitched ceilings. The blades are plastic, so the weather won't make them warp or swell.

Ceiling fans with lights can be nice for outdoor activities in the evening and nighttime hours, and the Little Bay IP44 is light kit adaptable, so you have options. It's always good to have choices when you select the ceiling fan you really like, and that goes with your decor and sense of style. The three-speed pull cord is convenient, and the antique brass colour goes with most styles, so your fan can blend in and become a great part of your cabana. Among the best things about this fan is the five-year warranty, which is two years on everything and another three years on the motor. This fan is built to last, and ready to make a lovely addition to your cabana.