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The Aeratron goes upscale

The Aeratron has always been a good choice in a ceiling fan, but it has recently gotten even better. There are more options and models to choose from now, and those models provide more quality than they offered in the past - along with more aesthetic grace and beauty. When you choose a ceiling fan, you want to choose one that gives you cooling comfort but that's also going to last and going to provide you with a look and feel you'll love for a long time.

No one wants to look up at his or her ceiling and feel depressed because of the way their fan looks. With the Aeratron, you won't need to do any of that. The upscale design of the fan and the quality it offers to anyone who purchases it are both second to none, and are worth noting.

Particularly beautiful and popular is the AE series, as it can be purchased in a variety of colours to complement any room or decor. The series also comes in different sizes, so you can have a fan that cools your entire room, instead of just the spot directly underneath it.

The Aeratron AE series of fans means durability, colour choice, and an exquisite look that's made even more beautiful by the sweeping, elegant look of the blades.

Aeratron E503 White Side.png

Because of the swooping design of the blades and the dome-style ceiling mount, this fan has a unique look that indicates its sophistication while still being understated. You don't want your fan to stand out so much that people can't see anything else, but you also don't want the fan to blend into the ceiling and not be noticed. If you did that, there would be no real point in having a beautiful, quality fan.

It's an appliance that has value and a purpose, but it's also something pleasing to the eye. Rather than ignore that aspect of it, showcase it! Make your fan a minor focal point, so you can be sure your visitors will see and appreciate it. That's easier to do with the upscale nature of the Aeratron, because it lends itself so well to being noticed and admired.

Even if you haven't thought of your ceiling fan as being an important part of the look of your home, it's time to start considering it that way. With the options you have to choose from in the AE series and other Aeratron models, you can find a fan that will really help make the entire look of your home. Ceiling Fans Direct carries an expansive range of modern ceiling fans to complement any d├ęcor. Browse our ran