Upcycle Your Old Ceiling Fan

Because of our hot climate, there are a lot of ceiling fans in Australia. What happens to those ceiling fans once they’re out of style, judged too inefficient or no longer working? If you have an old ceiling fan, don’t just throw it in the bin. Try upcycling it instead.

Fan Blade Note Pads

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is making old or damaged items into something useful and beautiful. Rather than adding to the landfill or incinerator, you’re reusing an item and giving it new life. Upcycling is different from recycling, because you aren’t extracting materials to create a new item; you’re finding ways to take parts and components and make them into something else.

This is not a new concept. In the past, it wasn’t always easy to obtain new or factory-made goods, and people had to be resourceful. Today, some people still upcycle because they want to save money. Others love the artistic side of it. Upcycling is a chance to create a beautiful piece of art out of something you already own. There are many projects you can do with just a few simple steps and a handful of tools.

Ideas for Upcycling your Old Fan

Want to upcycle your old fan? Here are a few project ideas.

  1. Make a planter out of the motor housing of the fan. Spray paint the motor housing whatever colour you choose. The hole in the centre is the perfect size for a small succulent or even a few herbs.
  2. Use old ceiling fan blades as wall hangings. Paint letters on the blades or use contact paper or other scrap paper to create a beautiful work of art. You could put your child’s name and birthdate on two blades and hang them in the child’s room.
  3. Create a chalkboard or memo board from old fan blades. Chalkboard paint works beautifully, and can be found at any home improvement store. Mount the blade in your kitchen, and you’ll have an easy place to write grocery lists or record phone messages. Or, you could wrap chicken wire around the fan to create a memo board. It is easy to slide postcards or invitations into slots created by chicken wire.
  4. Use discarded ceiling fan lamp shades as flower planters. Setting them on a candelabra adds height to your display.
  5. Make a mirror. Spray paint your old ceiling fan blades and screw them into a circle. Attach a round mirror to the centre with a strong adhesive. To create a starburst effect, attach one layer of blades first, and then add a second layer overlapping the gaps in the first. This is a great project if you have more than one ceiling fan to upcycle.

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