When it comes to shopping for globes to fit into your ceiling fan or exhaust fan, having the right base type is essential. At Ceiling Fans Direct, we offer a wide variety of globe base types, including E14, E27, B15, B22, GU10 and more specialised globe types, to ensure you can browse a wide range of light bulb options to accessories your ceiling fan.

E14 and E27 bases are commonly used in a wide range of lighting fixtures, including ceiling fans. They offer versatility and compatibility with various fan models, making them a popular choice for those seeking flexibility in their lighting options.

Similarly, B15 and B22 bases are popular within ceiling fan models. However, are ideal for fans and fixtures that require bayonet fittings. These bases provide a secure connection and are commonly used in many ceiling fan designs.

GU10 bases are designed to fit many exhaust fan models that have a replaceable light.

At Ceiling Fans Direct, we understand the importance of having the right globe base type for your ceiling fan or exhaust fan. Explore our wide selection of globe options to find the perfect fit for your fan, ensuring that you have the best lighting solution to enhance your space.