Translucent Blades: a New Trend in Ceiling Fan Design

Talk to some interior designers, and they will try to persuade you to forgo ceiling fans; they may not think that ceiling fans make a good addition to a slick, modern design plan. We know that ceiling fans in Australia are an absolute must, though. They circulate air, cool or warm a room, and even help lower electricity bills. Finding a design-conscious fan that harmonies with the decor can make it even more of an asset to a room.

What You Should Know Before Installing a New Exhaust Fan

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know that Ceiling Fans Direct offers one of the largest selections of discount ceiling fans in Australia. Did you know we also sell exhaust fans? You likely already have exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen. If not, you should definitely install one, especially in the bathroom. Allowing moisture to hang around after a shower creates the perfect environment for mould, and that’s the last thing you want.

Vintage-Style Hanging Fans

Historic homes hold a certain appeal. They are usually well built and feature one of a kind decorative features like built-in cabinets and beautifully carved woodwork. Vintage-style ceiling fans can complete the look of any historic or modern home, especially one built with high ceilings. We carry vintage-style hanging fans in a variety of brands, designs, and colours.

Talking About Aeratron

It may seem obvious to say that not all ceiling fans are the same, but for those who aren’t familiar with different brands or fan specifications, it is worth noting. What a fan looks like is certainly important, but it is equally important to consider the fan’s quality, efficiency and overall performance. Looking at the fan’s specifications along with its appearance can help you do just that. There is one brand in particular that I would like to introduce you to: Aeratron. This brand truly has it all.

Vento’s Two Clever Ways To Hide the Blades

Sometimes, the look of a ceiling fan doesn’t suit a particular room. Maybe the room is small and the proportions wouldn’t be right. Perhaps an interesting, modern-looking pendant is what would work best over a dominant piece of furniture like a dining table.

Should You Replace Your Old Ceiling Fan?

Does your ceiling fan wobble? Is it noisy? Are the blades warped? Is it just unstylish? Is it so dirty that you fear it will never look clean again? There’s no need to put up with a fan that isn’t performing well or looking good. If you don’t love your ceiling fan, then it’s time to think about replacing it.

Ceiling Fan Maintenance Tips

During the summer and winter months, you are probably using your ceiling fan all day, every day. Ceiling fans in Australia work hard to help you beat the heat. If you’re like most busy people, you probably don’t clean your fan all that often, except to give it a quick dusting.

Have You Seen Our New Ventair Fans?

My last blog post introduced you to Ventair, a company that specialises in distributing attractive, innovative ceiling fans in Australia. Ceiling Fans Direct carries several of Ventair’s new line of ceiling fans, the iQFan product range. These fans are extremely energy efficient, which is something we value at Ceiling Fans Direct. They have a stylish, futuristic look, too. Are you interested in purchasing a Ventair ceiling fan? I’ve compiled a few examples of the fans we sell to get you started. For more information, explore our website. There is something for every kind of space.

Introducing Ventair

At Ceiling Fans Direct, we strive to provide our customers with the best the ceiling fan industry has to offer. We sell a wide variety of fans so our customers have plenty of options when choosing a ceiling fan for their home or for their restaurant, boutique or other business. We all know that ceiling fans in Australia are a necessity. Ceiling Fans Direct wants to provide you with cutting edge fan designs that are functional as well as fashionable. That’s why we are proud to carry Ventair products.

Five Ideas for Decorating Kids’ Ceiling Fan Blades

We know ceiling fans look great in your kids’ rooms. Kids love ceiling fans for the same reasons adults do; they keep them cooler in the hot summer and warmer in the cold winter. Best of all, kids can decorate them according to their own taste with a little help from mum or dad.