Lighting Options for Rooms with Centred Ceiling Fans

Having good lighting in your home is so important. It allows you to see things properly, of course, but proper lighting can do much more. Lighting sets the mood. Want a warm and cozy living room? Your lighting is what will get you there. Do you have a ceiling fan in the centre of your ceiling? If you miss having an overhead light fixture, don’t worry! You have lots of choices to help you find the perfect lighting for your room.

Choosing the Right Style for Your Ceiling Fan

If it’s time to replace your current ceiling fan or if you are ready to finally purchase fans for your home, you’ve got a lot to consider. What size ceiling fans should you buy? Which brand should you choose? Should you buy ceiling fans with lights? And what colour should your fans be?

How Many Ceiling Fans Do You Need?

If you’re planning to install ceiling fans in your business, you are probably browsing the many discount ceiling fans we offer, choosing your favourites among the styles and colours. Before you can bu... Read More

Install a Wall Bracket for Your Ceiling Fan Remote

Does this sound familiar? It’s a hot summer day. You’re desperate to turn on your ceiling fan—and your remote is nowhere to be found. Maybe your toddler dropped it behind the bookshelf. Maybe you accidentally kicked it under the bed. Whatever happened, hunting for that remote is the last thing you want to do. How do you keep this from happening? Install a wall bracket, of course.

Featured New Fan: Bamboo Radical Indoor/Outdoor

When you’re buying a new ceiling fan, you should consider its efficiency and quality, but you should also think about how it will work with the existing décor of your home. After all, you don’t want your fan to clash with your carefully selected furniture and decorations.

A Radical New Double Blade Ceiling Fan Design

As one of the largest providers of discount ceiling fans in Australia, we are some of the first people to see what’s up and coming in ceiling fan design.

These Don’t Look Like Cheap Ceiling Fans!

The word cheap can sometimes have a negative connotation, implying low quality. If you see a product that seems inexpensive but looks good, you might assume there’s something wrong with it – that it’s made poorly or doesn’t work well. At Ceiling Fans Direct, the value is real. Many of our fans don’t cost much, but they are certainly not cheaply made. In fact, when you look at most of our fans, you would never guess how affordable they really are.

Order Your Commercial Ceiling Fans From CFD

Have you been thinking about ordering ceiling fans for your office, restaurant or shop? It’s a good idea. After all, having a ceiling fan will make employees more comfortable, which in turn makes them more productive. Diners at a restaurant will more likely linger and order that dessert and coffee if the room is fresh, cool and comfortable. And of course, you want shoppers to stay in your store for as long possible, hopefully spending more money—money that goes directly to support your business.

A Cool Ceiling Fan For a Cool Room

Ceiling fans come in all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes. Different rooms in homes, businesses, stores and restaurants can also be decorated in hundreds of styles. We all know that when it comes to ceiling fans, the most important thing is that they keep you cool. If we’re being honest, though, most of us want our fan to look cool, too. They’re a decorating element as well as an aid in controlling temperature.

You Won’t Believe These Ceiling Fans are Under $100

The holidays are over and you may be feeling like you’ve spent enough money for a while. You may also be wishing you had used some of that holiday money on a new ceiling fan, because we’re still in the middle of the hottest part of the summer.