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Introducing Ventair

At Ceiling Fans Direct, we strive to provide our customers with the best the ceiling fan industry has to offer. We sell a wide variety of fans so our customers have plenty of options when choosing a ceiling fan for their home or for their restaurant, boutique or other business. We all know that ceiling fans in Australia are a necessity. Ceiling Fans Direct wants to provide you with cutting edge fan designs that are functional as well as fashionable. That’s why we are proud to carry Ventair products.

What is Ventair?

Ventair Garrison 3 in 1 Bathroom

Ventair is a wholly owned Australian company that distributes ceiling fans and other products such as exhaust fans, 3-in-1 bathroom heaters, exhaust fans with lights, and other energy saving solutions throughout Australia. The Ventair brand is widely known for its attractive, innovative designs and for quality, performance and backup service. The company works to bring the latest energy saving technology to Australia.

Ventair Ceiling Fans

Ventair is growing fast; in 2014, it introduced four new product ranges, including the Pro-V series, the iQFan, Pro-Tech Lightings, and the iQFan Designer Series. The variety of fans offered by Ventair, including energy efficient fans, is exactly the kind of thing we like to be able to offer our customers. Ceiling Fans Direct carries a selected range of these stylish new fans; they look great.

Ventair Eon Designer Ceiling Fan

The iQFan and iQFan Designer Series product ranges include ceiling fans that have been engineered for maximum airflow and cooling. The new designer series includes a variety of modern, stylish fans like the Eon and Stealth 3-blade indoor-outdoor fans.

Other Ventair Product Ranges

We also carry Ventair exhaust fans, and they’re a great choice for businesses. The Ventair Pro-V series is made up of high quality commercial grade air movement products, including exhaust fans and window and wall fans. I know many people like ceiling fans with lights—how about an exhaust fan with a light? Ventair makes those, too. Ceiling Fans Direct sells exhaust fans and exhaust fans with lights as well as ceiling fans, and these are a great addition to our range.

Along with ceiling and exhaust fans, Ventair has Pro-Tech Lighting, a specialist supplier of interior and exterior light products. Pro-Tech products are manufactured using quality components and are certified to Australian standards.

High Standards

Ventair is known for its attractive, innovative designs. The brand emphasises quality, performance and reliability, which are all things Ceiling Fans Direct values. When you are purchasing a ceiling fan, there are many things to consider: cost, style, motor and fan blade size, and colour. It is also important to look at who manufactured the fan. Not all fans are created equal, but with a Ventair brand fan, you know you’ll be getting the most for your money.

For more information on Ventair, or other ceiling fans in Australia, contact us. We will find the perfect fan for you.