Four Uses For Your Ugly Old Ceiling Fan

Once you’ve taken a look at our website and read the descriptions of the stylish, efficient, aerodynamic fans that we have on offer, you’ll be looking askance at your ugly, flat bladed old ceiling fans. However, we at Ceiling Fans Direct believe in sustainability. We would never advise you to throw away your old ceiling fans. “Reduce, reuse, recycle,” as the saying goes.

In the spirit of reuse, I searched the internet for “ceiling fan reuse” and found you these great ideas. Someone named Dee Sailstad has even put together a Pinerest Board that features reused ceiling fan blades. It’s all very crafty, with everything from a fan blade mermaid to fan blade wall art. Before I Googled “ceiling fan reuse,” I had no idea that fan blades could be so useful. Here are the few of the more popular ideas that came up in my search.
old ceiling fan

1. A fence firefly

Garden fence fireflies are by far the most popular ceiling fan reuse project on the internet. All you need are a set of four fan blades and an old table or chair leg. The wooden leg is the firefly’s body. The fan blades are wings, two to a side. There are screws, brackets and other fittings added for antennae, eyes and sometimes even legs. The whole thing is screwed together, creatively painted and attached to a high garden fence. I don’t know what else to say. They’re crafty and sort of charming. You may love them or hate them. If you love them, make one out of your old ceiling fan.

2. A flower lawn ornament

Ceiling fans are shaped a little like flowers, aren’t they? Paint your old ceiling fan to look like a flower and put it on a fence or on a stake in your garden. It’s a bonus if it still spins, especially in the wind. That will make it like a giant pinwheel. It’s whimsical; at least that’s what your auntie is saying on Facebook.

3. Hooks and brackets

I have to admit that I’m more comfortable with taking the fan apart and reusing the hardware. The brackets that attach the blades to the motor assembly are often pretty ornate. Use them as hooks or to support a…

4. Blade shelf

Use the blade brackets and blades to create wall-mounted shelves. If you have built this type of shelving before, you’ll be able to picture exactly how it’s going to work. The brackets are mounted to the wall, preferably screwed into studs, with flat surfaces facing upward. The blades form shelf surfaces. Don’t forget to secure them to the brackets. It’ll look cool, honest.

Choose one of the projects above or use your imagination. Personally, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t see more projects for reusing the engine or taking advantage or the turning action. I’m thinking of a ceiling fan roulette wheel or perhaps a ceiling fan as the power source for one of those complicated rolling ball sculptures. I guess it’s up to you and me to come up with more and better ideas. Send pictures of your ceiling fan reuse projects, and we’ll post them here on the Ceiling Fans Direct blog.