Choosing the Right Style for Your Ceiling Fan

If it’s time to replace your current ceiling fan or if you are ready to finally purchase fans for your home, you’ve got a lot to consider. What size ceiling fans should you buy? Which brand should you choose? Should you buy ceiling fans with lights? And what colour should your fans be? Today’s ceiling fans are more stylish than ever, and there are more choices than in the past. We know that ceiling fans in Australia are especially important to keep air moving and keep you cool both indoors and out. At Ceiling Fans Direct, we can help you choose the right finish for your fan so it looks perfect in any room.

Interesting Fan Styles

Blade Design Should Fit Your Taste

Searching for a ceiling fan can be overwhelming. There are so many options out there. One thing that doesn’t have to be challenging, though, is deciding on a blade design. Did you know that a ceiling fan’s blades are actually just a design feature? Except in a few highly engineered models, they don’t affect the efficiency or functionality of the fan. It’s the pitch of the blades that determines air movement, so you are free to choose any style you like without worrying about how well it will operate.

So how do you choose? Consider the design style of your house. Do you have a more traditional home? Then go with a traditional fan. Or, if you’d like to add a bit of flair, try one of our ultramodern or art deco style fans. Another thing you might consider: will the fan show a lot of dust? How will the light hit it? A black fan may show more dust than one with a brushed nickel finish. Or, would you rather not have your fan look like a fan at all? There are many designs now that resemble beautiful light fixtures, but are actually ceiling fans in disguise. And yet another option: many fans now come with reversible blades. If you get tired of one finish, just switch the blades around. You can update your fan’s design with little effort and no cost.

Check Out These Fans with Reversible Blades

Because Ceiling Fans Direct is one of the largest online retailers of discount ceiling fans in Australia, we can provide you with any of the options discussed above. If you like the idea of reversible blades, you should take a look at the Hunter Low Profile III ceiling fan in brushed nickel. This beautiful, versatile fan comes with two sets of reversible blades: one side is grey and the other maple. This fan is perfect for homes with lower ceilings, but would look good in any traditionally designed home. The timeless Mercator HaymanChrome ceiling fan also features reversible blades; one is wood grain black and the other walnut.

Choosing a ceiling fan can seem daunting with all of the options out there, but finding the right finish and blade design should be simple. Just pick something that fits your taste, and you can’t go wrong.