April 2, 2024

Type of Exhaust Fans for your Bathroom

If you're in the middle of a bathroom renovation or simply wanting to upgrade your existing ventilation system, you've come to the right place! We’re going to walk you through the different types of bathroom exhaust fans available on the market and help you determine which one suits your needs best.

Understanding Extraction Rates

Before delving into the types of exhaust fans, it's essential to understand extraction rates. The extraction rate of a fan denotes its power and ability to remove air from the bathroom effectively. Typically measured in cubic meters per hour (m³/hr), it's crucial to match the extraction rate of the fan with the size of your bathroom. A larger bathroom will require a fan with a higher extraction rate to ensure efficient ventilation.

To calculate the required extraction rate for your bathroom, use the following formula:

Length x Width x Height = Overall room size in m³

Overall room size x desired number of air changes per hour.

For example, for a bathroom measuring 3m x 2m x 2.5m, with a desired air change rate of 15 per hour, the required extraction rate would be 225 m³/hr.

Ceiling Exhaust fans

Ceiling ventilation fans are a widely favoured and efficient option for bathrooms. They are notably simple to set up and come in contemporary, discreet designs. When replacing an older ceiling fan, they can be very easily installed, provided both the old and new models are equipped with a lead and plug connected to a power outlet. The 3A DIY Exhaust is a great choice if you’re after something cheap and effective. Check it out here!

Wall Exhaust fans

Installing wall-mounted exhaust fans may pose a slightly greater challenge, especially depending on the type of wall, as it necessitates creating a hole to accommodate both the fan and the external vent. Wall fans usually require hardwiring to a wall switch, thus often requiring the expertise of an electrician. A popular choice amongst our customers is the Chico Wall/Ceiling Exhaust Fan. Shop the Chico here.

Window Exhaust fans

Window exhaust fans are commonly installed in apartment complexes or buildings lacking a ceiling cavity. To install them, a glazier is necessary to skillfully create a hole in the glass. Additionally, a nearby power outlet is essential, as it needs to be in close proximity to the window. The Fanco Valerie Window Exhaust Fan is a great choice if you're after a Window Exhaust. Learn more about the Valerie here!

Inline Exhaust fans

An inline exhaust fan system stands out as the top-tier choice for bathrooms, offering unparalleled configurability. This system features a motor housed within the ceiling cavity, connected to intake vents in the bathroom ceiling via ducting. The exhaust is usually directed outside through a roof vent or an under eave vent. With the motor situated in the roof, it ensures minimal noise output.

Ultimately, whether you choose a ceiling, wall, window, or inline exhaust fan, prioritizing proper ventilation will contribute to a healthier and more comfortable bathroom environment for you and your family. Make sure to consider factors such as installation requirements, noise levels, and extraction rates to select the best option that fits your needs and budget.

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