What type of fan is right for your home?

Furnishing your home is a big commitment. Once you have chosen the paint, style and furnishings, changing these things can be very hard. When picking what fans you want, there are many things to consider including size, style, colour, efficiency and price. Ceiling Fans Direct can help with their wide variety of affordable fans from wooden to metal and cheap to the best money can buy. Some of these fans are listed below:

Type of blades

There are a variety of blade types you can get with Ceiling Fans Direct. These include timber fans, metal fans and plastic or cloth fans. The timber fans are all made from plywood and offer a safer alternative to metal. Each style comes in differing colours from dark brown and cream to brass, silver and stainless steel

Budget fans

Ceiling Fans Direct have a number of affordable fans to suit your budget. The company boasts an impressive budget fans section with prices from $69.90 up to $159.90. The majority of these fans come in a metal or plastic finish.

Size of fan

Different sizes for fans range from 42 inches to 72 inches to suit any size room or any style that you want.

Environmentally-friendly fans

Ceiling Fans Direct also stocks Martec’s Envirofan T6. This fan features Australia’s first ever ceiling fan and light incorporating a 40W circular T6 dimmable fluorescent globe. This gives the fan a high rating in energy efficiency which will be good to the environment and your pocket.

So if you’re not sure what type of fans you want for your house, office or shed, take a look at Ceiling Fans Direct online at www.ceilingfansdirect.com.au for more information. They have a wide range of affordable fans to suit your tastes and budget and have free shipping for orders over $200. Take a look today.