Time To Switch Fan Direction?

Summer is a distant memory, and fall is almost over. However, just because winter is coming, it doesn’t mean it’s time to switch off your ceiling fan. In fact, your ceiling fan can stay on all year round and this time of year, it can be especially useful. You just need to change the direction in which the fan spins.

Winter in Mount Dandenong

Using Your Ceiling Fan in Reverse

Warm air rises. When you put your fan into reverse, it will draw cooler air upward, causing the warmer air near the ceiling to circulate back down into the lower half of the room. This will prevent the warm air from collecting up near the ceiling, which can leave the people in the room surrounded by cool air, especially if they’re sitting or laying down. A ceiling fan on a winter setting will help to evenly heat the space, and that will allow you to set your thermostat a bit lower, saving you money on your heating bill.

Not all remotes have a summer/winter switch, you can change the direction the blades spin by flipping a switch on the fan itself.

Keep Your House Ventilated

Having a fan on in your home will help keep the air circulating. This is essential during the winter months when your windows are closed tight. The fan will keep the air fresh, something we definitely need when we can’t be outside as much as we’d like and it’s too cold to keep the windows open.

Many of the fans we sell at Ceiling Fans Direct have a summer and winter mode, making them easy for you to operate in any season. Our fans are extremely quiet, as well. With the windows closed, you will hear very little outside noise, and you will hear very little noise from our fans. Our fans are also environmentally friendly, cheap to run, and rarely require maintenance, so you can run them with confidence all year long.

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Choose the Right Location for Your Fan

To make sure your fan is effective in both the summer and the winter, it is important to choose a fan that is the correct size for the room where it’s installed. It is also important to make sure your fan is in the most effective location in that room. In a bedroom, it should be directly over the bed, and in the dining room, it should be directly above the dining room table.

Remember, now that winter is nearly here, simply run your fan in a clockwise direction on a low setting. You’ll see and feel the benefits in comfort, in air quality and on your heating bill.