Talking About Aeratron

It may seem obvious to say that not all ceiling fans are the same, but for those who aren’t familiar with different brands or fan specifications, it is worth noting. What a fan looks like is certainly important, but it is equally important to consider the fan’s quality, efficiency and overall performance. Looking at the fan’s specifications along with its appearance can help you do just that. There is one brand in particular that I would like to introduce you to: Aeratron. This brand truly has it all.

The Greenest Ceiling Fans in Australia?

We’ve talked about it many times on this blog: energy efficiency is incredibly important in a ceiling fan. Aeratron has built one of the world’s most energy efficient ceiling fans, in fact, Aeratron ceiling fans use 75% less energy than typical ceiling fans.

They operate with almost no noise, which makes them ideal for living and working environments. By using one of these fans in combination with your heating or cooling system, you could save up to 50 percent on your energy bill. Not only will you be saving yourself money, you will also be saving energy and resources and helping the environment.


Aurotron Fans

Let’s take a look at some of Aerotrons fans. The Aeratron 2 Blade 49.5-inch Designer Eco Efficient ceiling fan features a 3D-Aerofoil blade system, an active self-balancing system and a DC motor. Its two blades create smooth, silent, high volume air circulation. It comes with a full featured LCD remote that operates the fan’s six speeds and summer and winter modes. This fan can easily be installed on a sloped ceiling. It is available in black, silver and white.

Not sure the two-blade look is right for you? Aeratron also makes an award-winning three-bladed fan. The specifications for this fan are nearly identical to the two-bladed model. If you compare the wattage and air flow for each fan, you will see that while the two-bladed fan is slightly more efficient, there isn’t a huge difference; if you prefer the look of three-bladed fan, then it is probably the right choice for you.

Inspired By Nature

These fans are inspired by the natural world: their aerodynamic design is based on the shape of ‘helicopter’ seed pods. Created using Australian ingenuity and Swiss-German engineering, Aeratron ceiling fans are simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Aeratron fans have won multiple international awards for design and energy savings.  Browse the rest of our website to find more information on Aeratron fans and many other stellar brands, and remember, when you need to decide between two or more good choices, don’t forget to compare the technical specifications and the warranties. Efficiency and quality are both important things to consider.