Six Innovative Ceiling Fan Designs

Many people hesitate at the thought of adding ceiling fans to their decor because they recall the large, noisy and (to be frank) hideously ugly fans of their childhood. You know the ones. They wobbled alarmingly, collected dust like a magnet, were hard to turn off or on, and always seemed to fail when they were needed most. But, don’t despair; modern fans are better in every way than their clunky ancestors.

Whether you have high or low ceilings, live on the coasts or in the outback, or prefer sleek or traditional styling, there’s a fan that’s perfect for you. We even have fans that can be installed on sloped ceilings. Many of our fan models include a remote for controlling speed and direction, so there’s no need to completely rework your wiring or rely on dangling cords. Read on for six of our favourites!

1. The Aeratron

aeratron ceiling fan

The Aeratron combines an innovative design with innovative technology. This is honestly one of my favourite ceiling fans. These fans run on DC (direct current) instead of AC (alternating current) and use 30% less energy than a standard ceiling fan. The Aeratron is expertly made with a whisper-quiet motor and easy-to-clean plastic blades. I can picture this model in a larger home kitchen or commercial office where good air-circulation is vital.

2. The Hunter Avalon

hunter avalon ceiling fan

Here’s a lovely fan with sail-like fabric blades, for a soft but modern feel that will work beautifully in a room with a nautical theme. The Hunter Avalon is available in brushed nickel and white, it’s amazingly quiet and it comes with a remote.

3. The Atlas Acqua

atlas acqua

For a striking industrial-modern look and a design that protects the fan blades from breakage, take a look at our Atlas Acqua. Not only is this fan handsome, it is more efficient at circulating air than a standard paddle style fan. It’s perfect for a room with a high ceiling.

4. The Hunter Low Profile III

Hunter low profile ceiling fan

The Hunter Low Profile III is for homes with lower-ceilings and for restricted spaces. It’s elegant-looking and it has a compact profile. It even includes lighting. It will work in places where you thought that you couldn’t fit a ceiling fan.

5. The Vento Sole Retractable Bladed Ceiling Fan

vento sole retractable bladed ceiling fan

It’s both functional and – dare I say it? – very cool-looking. It actually retracts into a spiral configuration when it’s not being used. When the fan is turned on, the blades spread out. If your first thought was “I wonder how long that will keep working,” then don’t worry. It’s got a five-year warranty.

6. The Sycamore

sycamore ceiling fan

The design of the Sycamore is based on the form of spiralling “helicopter” seed pods. If you’ve ever been under a sycamore or maple tree in the autumn, then you know exactly how these fans were inspired. This design produces improved air flow with less noise. In 2005, it won an Australian Design Award and it’s easy to see why. It would look fantastic in a modern-style interior.
We’re always keeping watch for interesting fan designs and new concepts for home cooling. Please check the front page of our website for savings on some of these innovative fans models.