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New Options in Replacement Globes

Light globes can last a long time in your ceiling fan light, but they don’t last forever. If it has been a while since you’ve replaced a globe, you may not know that things have recently changed regarding your options in replacement globes.

Your Ceiling Fan Light

You may be aware that governments worldwide have passed laws to phase out incandescent light globes, and Australia is, of course, no exception. Starting in 2009, the sale of certain incandescent globes was banned from retail stores. All light globes must now meet minimum energy performance standards. Some incandescent globes, such as high-efficiency halogen globes, are still available, but those that don’t meet the new standards are banned. The good news is there are many great replacements. You’ll have your pick when it comes time to replace the light globe in your ceiling fan.

Choosing Replacement Globes

So how do you go about choosing a replacement globe? It depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want to match the tint of the light from your current incandescent globe? Check out halogen incandescent globes. Their light quality is similar to the older incandescent globes, but they meet new efficiency standards. Just make sure you confirm that the globe will fit the base and shade of your ceiling fan light fixture. Many halogen bulbs are special shapes and sizes that only fit a few lights.

There are also options for those looking for more environmentally friendly globes. Compact fluorescent (CFL) globes last 15 times longer than regular incandescent globes and use a fraction of the energy. CFLs are also responsible for fewer greenhouse emissions and can produce excellent colour rendering.

LEDs have an even longer life than CFLs. They don’t burn out the way other globes do. High quality LED globes can last more than 10 years. LEDs also use considerably less energy than incandescent and halogen bulbs and a bit less than CFL globes. They are perfect for ceiling fan lights that are turned on and off frequently, because CFLs tend to burn out quickly when cycled frequently. LEDs also produce very little heat. Because LEDs use less energy, choosing these globes as replacements for your current light bulbs can save you money on your electricity bills. Who wouldn’t want that?

Check Out Our Selection

We are one of the largest retailers of ceiling fans in Australia. Because we sell so many ceiling fans with lights, we also sell many types of replacement globes. Our selection includes a wide variety of CFLs, LEDs and Halogen light bulbs. We have dimmable globes and non-dimmable globes in a variety of wattages. Some globes give off a warmer light and some a cooler one. No matter what you are looking for, we have a replacement globe that will be perfect for your ceiling fan. We ship our globes all over Australia, so browse our website today. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for.