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Mission Style / Arts and Crafts Ceiling Fans

If you have a home that is built or is decorated in an Arts and Crafts or Mission style, then you might be looking for a ceiling fan that will fit into the theme. Characterised by simple, solid design and high quality materials, these late nineteenth and early twentieth century styles have a timeless appeal. Think dark wood, stained and leaded glass, wrought iron and weathered copper.

What is Mission Style?

Mission style originated in the late 1800s and was heavily influenced by design in the American southwest, especially New Mexico and California. Mission style furniture takes its name from the Spanish missions that could be found throughout colonial California, with their white stucco, dark wood furniture and simple, earthy aesthetic.

What is Arts and Crafts Style?

The Arts and Crafts style swept Europe, North American and Australia in the last nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The goal of the movement was to use traditional craftsmanship to create hand-made, rather than factory made, furniture and interiors. The style of decoration was simple and often used medieval, romantic or folk motifs.

In today’s design, mission style is very closely aligned with the Arts and Crafts movement. These styles of furniture and decorating are still popular, and we have some ceiling fans that work especially well in Mission and Arts and Crafts interiors.

Choosing an Arts and Crafts Style Fan

The Hunter Salinas ceiling fan’s classic look and unique, handcrafted appearance is a good example of Arts and Crafts style, and the Hunter Atlas Acqua Wood Blade adds a whole new, super-effective dimension, with vintage-style fans overhead. The Typhoon Mach 2 Burnt Copper and the Hunter Cabo Frio are also very compatible with this style of decorating.

The Art Nouveau design style preceded and then blended with the Arts and Crafts movement. This style took its inspiration from the natural world, and, much like the Arts and Crafts style, tried to make furniture and other necessities into art, not just furniture to be mass produced in factories. Our Hunter 1886 Series ceiling fan is a replica of one of Hunter’s earliest ceiling fans. Its unique hand-cast vintage style motor housing captures the flair of Art Nouveau. This elegant fan is certainly ornate, but its classic design is never gaudy or pretentious.

Even if your home is not decorated in the Arts and Crafts style, these fans will still look great, especially if you’re contrasting dark wood with light-coloured walls. When choosing any ceiling fan, whether it is modern, traditional, or Arts and Crafts or Mission style, the most important thing to consider is how you feel about the fan. Do you love it? If so, it will certainly be a functional and fashionable addition to your home.