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Lighting Options for Rooms with Centred Ceiling Fans

Having good lighting in your home is so important. It allows you to see things properly, of course, but proper lighting can do much more. Lighting sets the mood. Want a warm and cozy living room? Your lighting is what will get you there. Do you have a ceiling fan in the centre of your ceiling? If you miss having an overhead light fixture, don’t worry! You have lots of choices to help you find the perfect lighting for your room.

Each Room Needs a Different Type of Light

If your centred ceiling fan has a light, you’re off to a good start. You’ve got one lovely source of light already. If you don’t like the feel and look of an overhead light all the time, though, there are other options. If you are relaxing and reading a book and don’t need as much light, a simple lamp on a side table next to your couch may be in order. When deciding how to light your room, consider how the room is used. For example, the kitchen is not just for cooking. It is usually a high-traffic gathering place for family and friends, and your lighting should reflect that. For accent lighting, consider track lights under your upper cabinets. This type of light works better for preparing meals than a glaring overhead light because it minimises shadows.

Your living room is the perfect place to use decorative light fixtures. Show off your personal taste and style with fun floor lamps or stylish table lamps. Wall sconces can add a touch of elegance and save space. And don’t forget that ceiling fan. Ceiling fans in Australia are so important, especially in rooms where you’ll be spending most of your time. Does your ceiling fan have a light? Consider installing a dimmer switch so you can easily change the ambiance of the room. Some of our ceiling fans with lights have dimmer switches. Apply the same train of thought to the dining room. A more dramatic hanging light fixture can be right at home there. Check out some of the fans in the Vento line. They look like light fixtures, but function as a ceiling fan and a light fixture in one. In your bedroom, you’ll likely consider table lamps a must, especially if you’re a reader. Floor lamps and table lamps work here as well.

Want a Light on Your Ceiling Fan? It’s Easy!

There are many ceiling fans with lights available in today’s market. If your ceiling fan doesn’t have one, there’s good news. In many cases, it’s easy and affordable to install one directly onto your current fan. And, don’t forget about all of the great options in replacement bulbs for your ceiling fan light, or any of the lights in your home.

With so many great choices available, there is no reason not to have a perfectly lit home.