Let’s Talk About Aerodynamic Fan Designs

If you are looking for a high efficiency fan, you may be considering a fan with an aerodynamic design. At Ceiling Fans Direct, we sell several aerodynamic fans. You’re probably wondering, though, if it is worth your money. Does an aerodynamic design actually help your fan perform better? And if so, how do you choose the right fan for you

Ceiling Fan Design and Aerodynamics

There are many different design ideas that can be applied to ceiling fan blades, much like airplane wings or the blades of a wind turbine. What features should you look for when buying one of these fans? And will having an aerodynamic ceiling fan save you money in the long run?

When choosing your fan, look at the aerofoil of the cross section of the blade. Is the leading edge thick and the profile curved? If so, you will have smooth airflow over the blade. Check the blades. Are they smooth and even? A rough surface reduces the aerodynamic quality of  the blade. These features come into play more when the fan is moving faster. When the ceiling fan is on a low speed in a bedroom, for example, how aerodynamic it is becomes less important. However, in the hottest parts of Australia, it is worthwhile to find a ceiling fan with some aerodynamic features, because it can improve the efficiency of the blade by 10 to 15 percent.

A Few Examples

Vento Libellula Ceiling Fan

The Vento Libellula Ceiling Fan not only looks chic with its translucent red blades, it is aerodynamic and powerful. Its two moulded high quality thermo-plastic blades and chrome body set the bar for ceiling fans in Australia. It is also available with translucent yellow or clear blades.

The Revolution IP44 Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan has advanced aerodynamic blades, putting it on the cutting edge of ceiling fan efficiency; it draws only 48 watts on high speed while moving more air than similar sized fans. On low speed, it consumes as little as five watts. This fan can be installed both indoors or out.

Sycamore Ceiling Fan

The Sycamore Ceiling Fan was inspired by the aerodynamics of a falling seed pod. Its single blade is dynamically balanced, delivering improved airflow and making very little noise. This elegant fan is both beautiful and functional. It  provides outstanding airflow at a low speed, so you can still appreciate the attractive design of this aerodynamic fan while it is in motion. This fan was the winner of the Australian Design Award in 2005.

As you can see from the fans discussed above, it is possible to have it all: a fan that is aerodynamic, functional and stylish. And, best of all, finding an aerodynamic fan can save you money in the long run by reducing your electricity use. Don’t wait! Browse our website and find the perfect fan for any room.