How to Choose Between Fans and Air-Conditioning

Keeping the home cool is very important, especially if you live in a climate that experiences hot summers. The one thing that a lot of people seem to struggle with is choosing between a ceiling fan, and an air conditioning unit. Both have their pros and cons. Let’s take a look.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans in Australia are very popular, and they have been for a long time now. A ceiling fan works by circulating the air around the room which then evaporates your sweat, thus cooling you down. There are numerous advantages that come with ceiling fans. First of all, a ceiling fan with a remote is far more energy efficient than an air conditioning unit.

Another advantage is the fact that these days you are able to buy cheap ceiling fans, whereas air conditioning units can cost thousands of dollars. Ceiling fans are also very easy to maintain. The only real disadvantage that comes with ceiling fans is the fact that they are not able to cool the room as fast as an air conditioning unit would.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units have been around for many years now, with the majority of Australian homes having one installed. The good thing about air conditioning is the fact that you are able to cool a room in the home to a desired temperature within a very short amount of time. However, there are downsides as well.

Ceiling Fan with Remote

The main downside that comes with air conditioning in the home is the fact that it is incredibly expensive not only to have it installed, but also to run it. Air conditioning is far from energy efficient. They can be very costly to run, which is not ideal if you have a large family and a limited budget.

As mentioned earlier, both ceiling fans and air conditioning have their advantages and pitfalls. Choosing between the two will depend on several factors. For example, the budget that you are working with, and also whether you are looking for something that offers energy efficiency.

Generally, cheap ceiling fans are the best option for most people. For the majority of us, air conditioning units are simply not affordable, particularly in this day and age where everyone is struggling financially. If you wish to purchase a ceiling fan with a remote then you should take a look online today at some of the models that are available right now.