June 17, 2022

How Many Ceiling Fans Do You Need?

If you’re planning to install ceiling fans in your business, you are probably browsing the many discount ceiling fans we offer, choosing your favourites among the styles and colours. Before you can buy those fans, however, there is one very important question you should consider: How many ceiling fans do I actually need?

Number of Ceiling Fans Reflects Size of Room

In a home, it is fairly easy to decide how many fans you need. One ceiling fan per room is usually plenty; as you don’t want to risk overpowering the room with too many fans. However, a commercial building is a different story. For example, if your office has a large open floor plan, you will definitely need multiple fans and for a restaurant owner multiple fans may be necessary to keep patrols cool. And for large,open spaces like a warehouse or manufacturing facility, dozens of fans may be needed.

So how do you decide how many fans to purchase? There are two things to consider: the size of the room and the size of the fan. This simple table listing suggesting fan size based on room dimensions should help you estimate approximate numbers and costs, however, fan manufacturers typically have information in the fan’s packaging regarding room size for that particular fan. These are general guidelines.

Area Suggested Fan Size
Up to 12 Square Metres 1067mm (42″)
Up to 18 Square Metres 1200mm (48″)
Up to 30 Square Metres 1300mm (52″)
Up to 40 Square Metres 1400mm (56″)

You can use this chart to give you an idea of how many ceiling fans you want, based on the size of your space. For example, if your restaurant’s dining area is 160 square metres, you’ll likely need four 56-inch ceiling fans. You also need to consider the shape of the room. For example, pay attention to how the air will circulate and to the ceiling heights.

How to Install Multiple Fans

When you’re installing one ceiling fan in a bedroom, for example, you place it as close to the centre of the room as possible. When installing multiple ceiling fans, you’ll need to evenly space them throughout the space to get the best possible airflow. Because ceiling fans are most effective when you are sitting directly below them, it is important to consider the layout of the seating area in your office or restaurant. Make sure you have fans evenly spaced directly over the seating area.  There may be some parts of the building that need more airflow than others, as well. Keep this mind, too: the larger the fan blades are, the more area the fan will cover.

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