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Fancy Fan Blades

Any ceiling fan, if chosen well, can help establish the right ambience in your space. If you spend time, energy, and money decorating your home or office with a certain feeling in mind, why would you be satisfied with an old, ugly ceiling fan? An unsightly ceiling fan can have a negative impact on your decorating, and they’re inefficient, too. One of the best ways to add a little fun and flair to your ceiling fan is to choose a model with fancy blades.

Fancy Fan Blades

Whether you want your ceiling fan to be a decorating element or you simply need it to cool you down, coordinating your fan with the style of the room can help make a seamless impression. Fancy blades on your ceiling fan can elevate it from simple functionality to a decorative accessory. “Fancy” can certainly mean different things to different people, but when we’re talking about fan blades, it really means blades that are interesting, elegant and ornate. If you’re interested in adding a ceiling fan to compliment your furnishings, Ceiling Fans Direct features a variety of models with fancy blades.

Wicker Ceiling Fan Blades

For a bit of old world charm, wicker fan blades are the perfect way to finish off a room. If you’d like to bring to mind lazy, hot summer days on the veranda with an ice-cold drink, provide your own cooling breeze with the Martec Hamilton. The natural colour of the woven blades is nicely accented by the painted old bronze finish. It provides a more authentic feel without the light, but an optional light kit is available. For a bit more elegance, try the Hunter Caribbean Breeze. Its weathered bronze finish and solid-backed wicker blades will help remind you of summer even when the weather has cooled off and the fan is running in reverse.

Leaf Look Ceiling Fan Blades

The leaf look is a great way to bring some organic style into your home or business. The Hunter Outdoor Elements II comes in either a light or dark finish, and can be used either indoors or outdoors. It’s the perfect choice to compliment a room with a view of mother nature’s artistry.

To recapture that feeling you had on holiday at the beach, either the Martec Oasis or the Majestic Little Bay would be the perfect choice. With either four or five wide palm-leaf blades, you can bring back the sensation of the tropical island breeze to either an indoor or outdoor area. For a bright and airy coastal feel, the Majestic Little Bay is also available in white.

Canvas Ceiling Fan Blades

Speaking of coastal, sailing and yachting are beloved Australian pastimes. Put a little wind in your sails with the Hunter Avalon ceiling fan. It is not ornate or elaborate, but it is definitely interesting, elegant, and unusual enough to be called fancy. No nautical theme would be complete without it. It features three sail cloth blades and a white or brushed nickel finish.

A Unique Petal Design

The most impressive and elaborate ceiling fan currently in stock is certainly the Vento Fiore Ceiling Fan with Light. It is perfect for providing a floral, elegant touch to any room. Fiore means flower in Italian, and when this one blooms, it is surely a sight to see. The clear plastic retractable blades surround the lamp like a tulip when closed. When open, the delicate petal blades are pitched to provide excellent air movement.

With so many customisable options, there is no reason to be stuck with your old, plain ceiling fan any longer. Go fancy!