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Fan and Light in One

Fan Light

As the Australian weather starts to heat up and we get closer to summer, people begin to turn their attention to choosing effective ways to cool down in their home or businesses. While air conditioning seems an obvious option, it can often be costly, not only in its installation and maintenance, but in the energy required to run it for long hours over the summer months. Many people instead choose to buy fans for their home or office, which are an affordable and effective way of beating the summer heat.

One of the most popular and effective fan types is the ceiling fan. Ceiling fans circulate air throughout the whole room the fan is installed in, often providing a more effective method of cooling than an alternative desk or pedestal fan.

Ceiling fans now often come with a light, allowing people to enjoy the coolness of a fan and the illumination of a light bulb in one dual function fixture. These lighting fixtures come either built in or as an optional installable kit, giving customers an extra useful and stylish feature to use in their office or home. Ceiling fans with lights also offer a range of further customisation options.

Customers can choose from a range of models and colours to suit the layout and style of their room, as well as different types of fan blade. Ceiling fans with lights also offer a choice of light bulb, whether it be halogen or fluorescent, depending on the brightness and longevity needed. The light itself can be dimmed on certain models, allowing you to set a cosy ambient mood in your home or office, as well as providing functionality, style and an escape from the summer heat.