June 17, 2022

Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan: Tips & Tricks

Cleaning your ceiling fan is no easy feat, especially since they are likely the dustiest and most difficult appliance to access and clean in your home. What’s worse is the dustier you leave your fan, the more dust will fill the air and the more your ceiling fans lifespan will start to suffer. Dust can be one of the main factors behind a wobbly fan, so keeping your ceiling fan clean will not only help keep the air you and your family breathe cleaner but also help the longevity of your fan. When it comes to tea staining, cleaning your ceiling fan with stainless steel cleaners can make the job much faster and easier! We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you on your way to a cleaner ceiling fan.

Tip 1: Rust Away

For any ceiling fans with tea staining, you’re definitely going to want help beyond warm water and a cloth. We suggest using a stainless steel cleaner and maintenance kit for ultimate results. Tea staining can be difficult to get off, with an easy and effective cleaning kit like this you should be done in no time! Simply apply the cleaner to the ceiling fan by using circular motions and spread the cleaner across the surfaces. Once this is complete, you can wipe the formula off using a slightly damp cloth. After the fan is completely dry you can use the protective coat to lock-in a barrier against rust.

Tip 2: It’s all in the Pillowcase

Now this one might seem odd, but perhaps is one of the easiest ways to clean your ceiling fan. All you need to do is grab a pillowcase and carefully place it over one of your ceiling fan blades. Gently slide the pillowcase against the ceiling fan blade and pull the case back. You may need to repeat this a few times depending how dusty your ceiling fan is. Do this for all blades! Once done, make sure to shake the dust from the pillowcase outside before washing the pillowcase in warm water.

Tip 3: Good Old Warm Water

The best way to catch any remaining dust which might be on your fan (we recommend using the pillowcase method first) is to get yourself some warm water and a cloth. Wipe all the blades, canopy and extension rod with your cloth. The trick here is to definitely have a towel down underneath the fan to catch the dirt and dust which will fall down. This step will really increase the lifespan of your ceiling fan!

Tip 4: Dusting a High Ceiling Fan

There are many different types of ceiling fans and positions. If your ceiling fan is too high to reach for the above tips don’t worry, we have you covered! Similar to tip number 3, you will want either a towel or old sheet underneath your ceiling fan to catch all of the dust. You’re going to need a long-armed duster. Begin by carefully dusting the canopy or extension rod on the ceiling fan and work your way down towards the blades.

If you need any assistance or want to speak to someone about how to clean your ceiling fan, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team!