Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan

Some might say that the ceiling fan is an old technology, not needed in the world of air conditioning. What was once one of the most efficient ways of cooling, now just a decorative ceiling ornament. Others will say otherwise – the humble ceiling fan is still highly relevant in this day and age – especially when factoring in economic and environmental issues (which will be covered in a later article). For now, let’s take a look at things to consider when purchasing a new ceiling fan.

As with any other product, whether it be a car, a credit card, or a new phone for example, each has a particular purpose. You wouldn’t use a 8.4L V10 Dodge Viper as your daily car (unless there was something wrong with you and you had the money to back it up). The same goes for ceiling fans.

The following are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a new ceiling fan:

  • Size of the room – an important factor for two reasons: airflow and aesthetics. A large fan installed correctly will provide an enormous amount of airflow, but if placed in a small room, it will make the room look tiny. A single tiny fan in a large room may provide airflow where needed (such as where people are seated), but will look unbalanced. Refer to the manufacturers web page for suggested fan sizes or enquire online at,
  • Ceiling and installation height – all ceiling fans should be at least 2.1 metres from the floor and at least 30cm from the ceiling. This allows maximum safety and airflow for a standard 2.4 metre high ceiling. If your ceiling is taller or sloped then an extended rod to lower the fan may be needed.
  • Motor speed and blade pitch – a high quality motor is a must for smooth, quiet and hassle free use. With blade pitch ranging from 12 degrees to 23 degrees for high volume air flow.
  • Ceiling Fan Lights – if the fan is being placed in a small room where the blades are in the way of a light source, or if the fan will be replacing the main light in a room, you will need an integrated or additional downlight.
  • Remote controls and accessories – if you’re after a touch of luxury and convenience, consider a remote control or LCD control kit. Features such as: timers, light dimmers, light delays as well as fan speed make this a worthwhile upgrade to the standard wall switch.

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