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Cheaper Alternative to Keeping you Cool this Summer

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The summer heat is no joke, and this summer will more than likely be no exception. While air conditioning has long been the go to method for cooling down a room, ceiling fans are slowly making their way into the mainstream and provide a cheaper and more efficient alternative to traditional cooling methods. But despite cooling fans’ popularity, there are even cheaper methods still that not only reduce costs further, they also cool rooms faster.

Benefits of Wall Fans

Wall fans are similar to ceiling fans in that they operate on the same principle of circulating air through a room to help cool the inhabitants down. Although ceiling fans come preinstalled in many new homes, wall fans offer a much more efficient experience when cooling down your home. Wall fans typically have smaller and more efficient motors that allow them to push more air around than a full room ceiling fan.

And because wall fans are more likely to be placed where a person needs them, as opposed to simply hanging from the centre of a room, they’ll cool a person much quicker than a ceiling fan would and use less energy in the process.

Energy Loss from Ceiling Fans

While ceiling fans aren’t inefficient in general, it’s their overuse that leads to a waste of electricity. Because ceiling fans are an up and coming trend, many homeowners often forget that they’ve even turned them on. Ceiling fans that are left on in a room where no one is sitting are a waste of money as they don’t actually cool a room down, but instead simply circulate the air in a room to simulate a cooling effect.

Wall fans are a great way to prevent overuse as they’re typically placed right next to wherever you’re sitting and can be turned off with a simple button or remote. And because they push less air in a more directional manner, even if they are left on, the energy they consumer compared to a traditional ceiling fan is much less.

Cheap Ceiling Fans

Although cheap ceiling fans may be a great deal on paper, they generally provide a much poorer experience in the long run. Often made from poorer materials, cheap ceiling fans are known to break down and run inefficiently compared to wall fans. You’d be better served to spend your money on a directional wall fan than a ceiling fan that is destined to break in a few weeks or months.