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Cheap Fans vs. Top Quality Fans

When you’re installing a new ceiling fan in your home or business, you’ll likely be tempted to buy the cheapest possible option – who doesn’t want to save money? If you do this, though, you may end up spending more money in the long run when you have to replace your cheap, low-quality fan. At Ceiling Fans Direct, we offer many affordable options, but we would never describe our fans as cheap. They are all sturdy, steady, quiet and reliable, which are all essential features in a ceiling fan.

A cheap ceiling fan may cost less, but it will not be worth the trouble it causes. A cheap fan will wobble, and will not circulate as much air as a high quality fan. It may not come with a warranty. At Ceiling Fans Direct, all of our fans come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and since we have such a wide variety of fans, you’re sure to find a high quality fan in your price range. Our fans are durable, and having the warranty provides that extra security that your fan will last a lifetime.

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What Makes a High Quality Ceiling Fan?

Blade pitch (the angle at which the blade sweeps the air); design, and the motor are all important things to look at when evaluating whether or not a fan is good quality. High quality ceiling fans are quiet. At Ceiling Fans Direct, our fans are designed to generate a fantastic breeze with hardly any air noise. Cheap fans produce a humming noise, which can be extremely distracting.

High quality ceiling fans don’t wobble. Fans wobble when the weight of the fan blades is out of balance. This can happen when the blades are warped, bent or not screwed on straight, or if the blades are different shapes or sizes. And, of course, a high quality fan is beautifully designed, so it is not only useful, it is an attractive addition to any room.

Remember, high quality doesn’t necessarily mean high price: we offer many high quality fans at an affordable price. How the fan is made, how smoothly and quietly it runs and how long it lasts all contribute to the overall quality of the fan.

What to Look for When Shopping for a High Quality Fan

The most important thing to consider when buying a ceiling fan is the size, power and durability of the motor. The best fans are those with the most efficient motor and highest rate of airflow. Larger and more powerful motors may be more expensive, but they will be quiet, move a large amount of air, and can run for years without burning out. Of course, you will also want to pick a fan that is visually appealing and will look nice in your home.

At Ceiling Fans Direct, we can help you find the perfect, high quality fan for your home or business at an affordable price. Check our current Ceiling Fan Discount Bundles for some especially good deals.