Ceiling Fans and Thermal Delight

During the hot summer, we sometimes spend the entire day in an air conditioned room. We go from our air conditioned home to an air conditioned car to an air conditioned office, and maybe even to an air conditioned restaurant or movie theatre after work.

That is certainly one way to beat the heat, but it might not be the best option for our overall well-being. Did you know you actually have a thermal sense, telling you what is hot and cold? In fact, some scientists believe that it is important to experience varying temperatures throughout the day, and architects often consciously include thermal shifts in the design of buildings. If you’ve ever enjoyed a cool breeze while relaxing on a warm summer’s night, then you know what ‘thermal delight’ means.

What is Thermal Delight?

People want to feel comfortable. If they are comfortable, they are more productive, and that’s why workplaces are usually highly temperature controlled. However, a perfectly stable temperature can be boring and can deaden the senses. Thermal delight comes out of varying thermal sensations.

I know I take pleasure in a cool breeze, a warm cup of coffee, cold water, or the hot sun — enjoying all of these varying temperatures leads to thermal delight. Just like using our senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch to enjoy different aspects of life, using our thermal sense to its fullest helps us feel more happy and alive.

How Can your Ceiling Fan Help?

We all know that energy costs are on the rise, and air conditioning is a huge part of that cost. Using ceiling fans rather than air conditioning has many benefits. One of those benefits is the ability to create varying indoor air conditions. Natural temperature control can save energy and make the building’s occupants, whether they are homeowners or office workers, feel more relaxed and engaged.

There is nothing like a fresh breeze on your face and if you have ceiling fans, you can feel cool during the summer, even if you’re outdoors or have all the windows open. Of course, everyone has a different temperature at which they feel most comfortable, but I know many people who end up wearing cold weather clothes in the hot summer due to the temperature of the air conditioning at their offices — and then end up being very uncomfortable while walking to the car and driving home.

Fans can make people feel comfortable without turning summer into winter. There are some days when you need your air conditioning, thermal sense or no thermal sense, but before you flip that switch, consider this: there is mounting evidence that working with the weather is actually healthier and more sustainable than trying to force indoor spaces to stay at an ideal temperature, year around. Dress for the weather and, most importantly, use your ceiling fans when the temperature isn’t too extreme.

If you want to find out more about the concept of thermal delight, then read Lisa Heschong’s classic book, ‘Thermal Delight in Architecture’. If you need a new ceiling fan to help create more thermal delight at home or at work, then check out some of the famous brands we feature.

At Ceiling Fans Direct, we have a wide variety of styles. I am sure you can find the perfect fan for your home or office. Need help deciding which fan to purchase? Contact us! We would be happy to help.