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Best Ceiling Fans For Kids Rooms

Children’s rooms are their forts and their lairs. They use them for homework, playing, entertainment, dressing and sleeping. A comfortable environment is important, especially on hot summer nights, and of course a ceiling fan is just the ticket when the temperature threatens to disrupt their sleep. Style is important, too, because kids love to feel that their rooms belong to them, reflecting their tastes and preferences. At Ceiling Fans direct, we’ve got some great fans for kids’ rooms, and it’s easy to personalise them to reflect your child’s interests. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Fan with decorated blades

A Small Ceiling Fan For a Small Room

Our Swift-Mini Metal Ceiling Fan, a bargain at only $109.90, is 900mm in diameter. It’s perfect for that small child’s room or nursery where a full sized ceiling fan would just be too much. It can be matched with a lighting kit and a remote control, and it has an efficient and powerful motor. Available in stainless stainless steel and white finishes, it has a simple design that will fit in with many decorating schemes, and it’s also a good candidate for decorating and personalisation.

Bright and Colourful Ceiling Fans

Primary colours are a great decorating choice for both boy’s and girl’s rooms. They’re bright, cheerful, energising and attractive. If you and your child love primary colours, then Vento Ceiling Fans offers an array of great options. These are top quality, durable, designer Italian fans, and you’ll be proud to own one long after your child has left the house. When the manufacturer has a standard five year warranty, you know that the product is probably going to last for decades.
vento fino compact
Just take a look at some of the styles. The Uragano has a fantastic, science-fictiony design and can be purchased with red, yellow, clear, black, white or brown blades. The Vento Libellula is a similar, two bladed model. The Vento Sole has retractible blades and a light, and the Vento Fino Compact has a cute, retro look and is perfect for small rooms.

Decorating a Plain, Inexpensive Fan

Does your kid have a hobby or interest they’d like to see reflected in the ceiling fan design? Are they a natural artist, with a great feel for colour and proportion? Take advantage of the fact that ceiling fan blades are easily detachable and decorate the blades with your kid. It’s a fun project, and you can create the perfect, personalised fan for your child.

Create a football fan or a Dr. Who fan; a Disney-style fan or a fan with bling; a panda fan or a dinosaur fan. The possibilities are endless. Simply buy a plain-looking fan and use the blades as your canvas. There are instructions for creating custom fan blades on several blogs, including Mod Podge Rocks and DIYNetwork, and ideas on Houzz and Pinerest. Just make sure that anything you glue or attach to them is securely fastened and won’t interfere with the fan mechanism. Be careful that you don’t add a significant amount of weight to the fan blades, as they are carefully balanced.