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Accessories for your Fan

Extension Rod Quadrant T6

Finding the perfect ceiling fans in Australia can be tough. Because many of the world’s major ceiling fan manufacturers are based in the United States, importing products into Australia can be costly. As a result, you may not get exactly what you would like when you purchase a new ceiling fan. Luckily, there are plenty of fan accessories to choose from that can not only improve the functionality of your fan, but can also add a better aesthetic to an otherwise dreary looking ceiling fan.

Fan Accessories Options

Down Rods: If the room that your ceiling fan is in has high ceilings, chances are the fan you have installed doesn’t circulate air throughout the room. A down rod allows you to extend the reach of your fan by lowering it closer to the ground and bringing it closer to where you are in the room. Down rods are hollow on the inside to allow you to run the necessary wiring through the rod so that you won’t have ugly wires hanging from the ceiling to your lowered fan.

Wall Controls: Despite fans being located in the centre of the room, there’s no need to have to pull on the chain on the fan every time you’d like to turn it on. It’s very easy to route your fan’s control to a wall switch where you can turn the fan on or off every time you enter or leave a room. Wall controls can also be installed to adjust the speed of the fan without ever having to touch a fan chain again.

Wireless Systems: Similar to wall controls, wireless systems allow you to control your ceiling fan from the comfort of your chair. Wireless remotes come with control to not only turn the ceiling fan on or off, but also control the fan speed with the click of a button or with the turn of a knob.

Chain Extension and Design: If installing a wireless or wall system for your ceiling fan isn’t an option, why not extend your fan’s chain controls to a more comfortable length? You can also customise the colour and look of your chain with clip-on additions that can be attached to the end of an existing fan chain.

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