June 17, 2022

ABS Ceiling Fans Explained and Are They The Best For Your Home?

ABS ceiling fans are a fairly modern offering in the ceiling fan market. ABS is very popular among manufacturers and customers due to its relatively unique shapes, affordability and potential for innovation. The range of ceiling fan styles which is available in the ABS market is quite extensive, so if you have a particular style which you’re after it is likely you might find the most choice in ABS ceiling fans.

What Are ABS Ceiling Fans?

First things first, ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene while this is a mouthful, it is, in essence, a premium type of thermoplastic. As plastic is easily shapeable and allows for unique and precise profiles it means that ceiling fan manufacturers are able to shape ceiling fan blades specifically to obtain the best airflow while maintaining a stylish aesthetic. As manufacturers are able to leverage the best shape for the highest airflow performance, ABS ceiling fans across the board tend to offer strong airflow, giving the very popular metal-blade ceiling fans a run for their money.

What’re the Benefits of ABS Ceiling Fans?

ABS ceiling fans are super lightweight as they are made out of plastic. Best of all, no more scrubbing rust stains off of your ceiling fans! As plastic doesn’t rust, ABS ceiling fans are a godsend for Australia’s coastal homes, providing a durable alternative to stainless-steel ceiling fans. The benefits to ABS ceiling fans aren’t limited to coastal areas, this premium material makes for the perfect fan for your outside undercover area due to not being subject to swelling like traditional timber blade ceiling fans. You’ll find a range of different colours and designs available in ABS ceiling fans, including “timber look” ceiling fans so you can take advantage of the many benefits without sacrificing design. Last but definitely not least, ABS ceiling fans are great if you’re wanting some great airflow throughout your home. As ABS can be shaped into the best performing profiles, ABS ceiling fans can offer some of the best airflow in the ceiling fan market.

What Is The Best Ceiling Fan For You?

There’s no denying that the best ceiling fan for you will definitely be chalked up to your personal preferences, in saying that ABS ceiling fans are a great choice if you’re looking for a high-performing, low-maintenance ceiling fan which can be placed either indoor or outdoor. If you’re wanting a ceiling fan which is rust-free, offers great airflow, and is lightweight then ABS ceiling fans are a good choice for you!  If you do find a ceiling fan design which you love that isn’t ABS material, don’t fret - timber and aluminium ceiling fans are still great options however, can be narrower in their applications and installation locations.

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