November 24, 2023

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Replace Lights on Ceiling Fans

If you've purchased a ceiling fan from Ceiling Fans Direct and are looking to replace the lights, this guide is for you.

Main Types of Light Covers:

1. Plastic or Glass Twist-Off Diffusers: This is the design a majority of ceiling fan models use to allow for a stylish finish that is easy to access. To remove this sort of diffuser, you simply need to twist the diffuser off (most of the time you can go by the age-old rule of lefty-loosey, righty-tighty). We would recommend getting a clean pair of grip gloves for easier removal and replacement.

2. Clipper Glass Diffuser: This is a more classic style light diffuser that allows heaps of room for globes but is a little bulkier. To remove this type of diffuser, you need to gently pull the glass diffuser off, we’d recommend using grip gloves to make it a little simpler.

3. Full Replacement Light Kits: This is a light kit that has a built-in LED that you would replace the entirety of the light itself. Ceiling Fans with retrofittable light kits aren’t as popular but come with a host of benefits, the main one being you can easily add a light to your existing fan. For replacement, please get in touch with either us here at Ceiling Fans Direct or the Ceiling Fan brand for personalised advice.

Main Types of Light Replacements:

1. Replacement Globes: A wide range of ceiling fans with light kit incorporates globe holders such as E27 (Edison Screw) or B22 (Bayonet). To replace these globes, you simply need to turn the ceiling fan off at the wall, remove the diffuser/cover, unscrew or pop out the globe depending on the type of globe base and replace it with the new version. For E27 or B22 base fittings, we recommend tubular shaped LED globes for easy installation, energy-efficiency and light quality!

2. Replacement LED Panels: Many modern ceiling fans use a streamlined and efficient LED panel that creates a wide output of light and no “hot-spots”. LED lights by nature have a long-life and are relatively hassle-free however, in the rare instance you do need to replace the LED panel, more and more leading brands have replacement LED panels available. The process of changing these panels varies from model-to-model so give our team a call for expert advice.

Replacing lights on a ceiling fan from us is a straightforward process when you have the right information! Now sit back and enjoy a well-lit space with your upgraded fan!  For more information or guidance, reach out to us at [email protected] or give us a call on (07) 3711 8800 today!