A Cool Ceiling Fan For a Cool Room

Ceiling fans come in all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes. Different rooms in homes, businesses, stores and restaurants can also be decorated in hundreds of styles. We all know that when it comes to ceiling fans, the most important thing is that they keep you cool. If we’re being honest, though, most of us want our fan to look cool, too. They’re a decorating element as well as an aid in controlling temperature.

Whirl DC Ceiling Fan

The new Whirl ceiling fan from Brilliant Lighting will make any room look cool, no matter how it is decorated and no matter the air temperature. Because ceiling fans in Australia are an absolute must, why not take a look at this extremely cool, and cooling, fan.

This Fan has it All

Brilliant Lighting recently released the Whirl DC ceiling fan with remote. This 44-inch designer fan is equipped with a 35 watt energy efficient DC motor, a polished chrome motor housing, and three transparent acrylic blades. Its remote control allows you to operate the fan at six different speeds, and it includes a summer/winter mode.

This fan’s unique shape is a must-see. You will likely travel far and wide before coming across another fan like it. It makes a stunning addition to any room. And, transparent blades are one of the trendy new options in ceiling fan design. Even if you think you don’t like how ceiling fans look, there’s a good chance that you will change your mind when you see this fan.

Get to Know Brilliant Lighting

So just what is Brilliant Lighting? This Australian company has been in business for 25 years and is considered an innovator in domestic lighting. Brilliant Lighting’s mission is to ‘bring light into people’s life.’ They have certainly done that with this new fan! The company says they are ‘committed to innovative design, quality, and a complete in store concept.’ Brilliant is one of the nation’s largest lighting companies, and they have a range of 1,500 items in their warehouses, including ceiling fans. Best of all, Brilliant works with international and local marketing teams to make sure the company is up to date on specific market needs. That way, their products are tailor-made to their customers’ needs. Their fans and other lighting products are available in both traditional and contemporary styles and are all value priced, which is why they are a perfect fit for Ceiling Fans Direct. Both Ceiling Fans Direct and Brilliant Lighting try to provide their customers with stylish, fashionable lighting at affordable prices.

If the Whirl isn’t your flavour of cool, then check out some of our other brands. Our design-conscious customers also love the Italian-designed Vento range; our ultra-modern Ventair fans; the new high efficiency, streamlined maple seed-style Aeratrons; and Hunter’s Atlas Acqua and Caribbean Breeze for something a little more retro.