June 17, 2022

Install a Wall Bracket for Your Ceiling Fan Remote

Does this sound familiar? It’s a hot summer day. You’re desperate to turn on your ceiling fan—and your remote is nowhere to be found. Maybe your toddler dropped it behind the bookshelf. Maybe you accidentally kicked it under the bed. Whatever happened, hunting for that remote is the last thing you want to do. How do you keep this from happening? Install a wall bracket, of course.

Why You Should Install a Wall Bracket

Ceiling fans with remotes are a blessing. You don’t have to use a wall switch, and that keeps the switches free for other uses. You can change the fan speed from the comfort of your couch or bed. Many remotes have dimmer switches for the ceiling fan’s light. Installing a wall bracket will help you keep track of this important ceiling fan accessory.

Did you know that most of our ceiling fans come with wall brackets? For example, nearly all of our Martec ceiling fans are equipped with them.

If your fan came with a remote and matching bracket, installing the bracket is usually easy. All you need is a screwdriver, and you’ll have it mounted in no time. The bracket and remote are quite light, so you probably don’t need to worry about where you place it on the wall.  If you’re concerned, however, consider using a stud finder and placing it on a stud, or use a drywall anchor, which gives it a bit of extra security.

No Wall Bracket with Your Remote? Make Your Own!

If your fan’s remote didn’t come with a wall bracket, consider making your own. There are many different things you could use to store your remote for easy access. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Use a wire, wicker or wood box. One of these could easily be nailed onto the wall, providing a simple, yet attractive, storage unit for your remote control.
  2. Hang a shelf next to your light switch. A small shelf would be the perfect place to store your remote, and would look lovely in a bedroom or living room. It could also be used for storing keys or mail, making it multi-functional.
  3. Choose a hard plastic cup in a fun colour or design. A plastic cup can easily be affixed to the wall with an adhesive square, and it can express your personal sense of style. It’s also the perfect fit for a remote control.

Depending on the weight of your DIY holder, consider using drywall anchors or a stud finder to make sure it is securely attached to your wall, just as you would with a pre-made model.

Never lose your ceiling fan remote control again. Install your wall bracket today!

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