December 8, 2023

With summer here, the quest for the perfect ceiling fan is crucial. Beyond the choice of a reliable ceiling fan, it's the accessories that truly enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of these summer weapons. Ceiling Fans Direct is Australia’s leading destination for a huge range of ceiling fan accessories designed to take your cooling experience to new heights. Let's explore some must-have additions that will not only keep you cool but also enhance the style of your living spaces.

Remote Controls
No more getting up to adjust the fan speed or lighting! We have a massive range of remote controls that bring convenience to the palm of your hand (literally). With features like speed control, light dimming, and even timer settings, these remotes ensure you have complete control from the comfort of your couch!

Key Features:
Convenient operation from a distance
Multiple speed settings
Light dimming options
Timer functionality for energy efficiency

Extension Rods
Every room is unique, and so are its ceiling heights. With extension rods, you can ensure your ceiling fan is perfectly positioned, as they allow you to customise the height of your fan!

Key Features:
Adjustable lengths for varying ceiling heights
Compatible with a wide range of ceiling fan models
Sturdy construction for stability

Light Kits
Transform your ceiling fan into a dual-function masterpiece with the addition of ceiling fan light kits! Practical and stylish, these kits add an extra layer of illumination to your space, eliminating the need for additional lighting fixtures.

Key Features:
Integrated light source for added functionality
Compatible with various ceiling fan models
Stylish designs to complement your fan's aesthetic

Wall Controls
For those who prefer a more traditional approach to fan operation, Ceiling Fans Direct offers a selection of wall controls. These provide a classic and reliable way to adjust your fan speed and lighting without the need for a remote.

Key Features:
Fixed installation on the wall for easy access
Intuitive controls for fan speed and lighting
Ideal for those who prefer a classic look

With a huge range of accessories, Ceiling Fans Direct has everything you need to enhance the performance and style of your ceiling fan. Explore our accessories today and take the first step towards a cooler, more functional summer in your Aussie abode!

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