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5 Fantastic Ways to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan

1. Location

First things first, where are you looking to install your ceiling fan? Are you looking to install your ceiling fan indoors or out, in your bedroom or in a large living space? You will find that different areas of your home will require different types of specifications. 

  • Indoor or Outdoor: If you’re looking to install your ceiling fan in an outdoor area then you will want to look at an outdoor rated ceiling fan. These are usually made from ABS materials to help prevent rusting of the fan. ABS material is great for ceiling fans as it’s lightweight and durable. Some great outdoor ceiling fans can be found here.

  • Bedroom: When looking for a ceiling fan for a bedroom you’re probably not going to want a ceiling fan that is too powerful on airflow and instead will want something that is quiet. The Airborne Storm ceiling fan is a great option for bedrooms, it is a 5-blade fan system which means there is less space between the blades. This provides quiet airflow as the blades glide seamlessly through the air.

  • Living Room: We tend to see that people like more premium ceiling fan options when they are looking for a ceiling fan for their living room, this is because this is the main area which guests tend to see when visiting your home. If you have an open-space plan then you might be after ceiling fans which match between your living room and bedrooms. Larger ceiling fans tend to work better for open-spaced plans, this is because it can be difficult to centre a ceiling fan over all the areas which you want to be covered. 

2. Size and Setup

  • The size and setup of the space which your ceiling fan is going will help determine which ceiling fan will be the best to choose. Find out how big the area is that your ceiling fan is going in and look at where exactly you want to your fan to be placed. If you are installing into a bedroom than you will be likely looking at a 48’’ ceiling fan like this one. For your bigger bedrooms and living areas, you will be wanting a ceiling fan closer to 52’’. Whereas your large open-spaced areas will most likely require somewhere around 60’’.

3. Ceiling Fan Combinations 

Ceiling fans have come along way in the last few years, there are large ranges available and many different options when it comes to what you want your ceiling fan to do.

  • Energy Efficiency: Do you need your ceiling fan to be very energy efficient? A DC ceiling fan is a great option if you’re looking to minimise your energy usage. The Aeratron AE3+ range are some of the most energy-efficient ceiling fans on the market, using a maximum wattage of 22W! 

  • Light or No Light: Knowing whether you want your ceiling fan to come with an inbuilt light or not is very important! The Airborne Breeze Silent allows for a retrofittable light kit, meaning you can add a light kit after purchase, however, most ceiling fans require you to decide at the time of purchase. If you are replacing an existing oyster light than a ceiling fan with light will be great for your area! Whereas if your ceiling fan won’t be centred in the middle of a room than it might work best for you to have your ceiling fan without light.

4. Controlling Your Ceiling Fan

With so many different options available on the market it can be easy to overlook the number of different options that might suit you!

  • Wall Control: If you’re wanting to control your ceiling fan from a wall control than an AC ceiling fan might be a good option for you! AC ceiling fans all come with a wall control, but if you have your heart set on getting a DC ceiling fan than something like the Airborne Storm is a great option as it has a wall control available as an additional accessory. 

  • Remote Control: If you want to control your ceiling fan from a remote control than a DC ceiling fan will work great in your space. All DC ceiling fans are controlled by remote control as standard, with some DC ceiling fans having the option to use wall control instead. 

  • Smart Control: Don’t forget about smart tech! It’s now easier than ever to control your ceiling fan from your smartphone. You can either purchase a smart Wifi enabled fan or you can purchase a smart wall switch to be installed on your existing ceiling fan.

5. Know Your Style

Ceiling Fans have changed lots in the last few years, with minimalistic styles becoming readily available and quite popular! There are even 2 and 3 blade ceiling fan options available on the market. It is up to your personal preference as to what style fan you might want, but here are some great ideas to get you on the right track! 

  • Traditional Ceiling Fans: If you have an older home and want to match to your current style and keep some character in your home, than a traditional ceiling fan like the Bronze Hunter will be great for your space. 

hunter-builder-elite-50567-ceiling-fan-sq (1).jpg

  • Modern Ceiling Fan: If you are looking for a more modern look throughout your home than sticking with the newer designs will be a great option for you. The Airborne range is a competitively priced ceiling fan perfect for home reno’s, we love the Airborne Ascot for its crisp white finish and modern classic design!

airborne-ascot-48-52-wh-sq (3).jpg

  • Minimalist Ceiling Fan: With a rise in minimalist designs, there are some very designer ceiling fans with just 2 and 3 blade options. The Aeratron range is one of a kind and offers a unique design feature for your home.

ae350blk-aeratron-sq (1).jpg