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Your Guide to Coastal Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are becoming more and more popular for their efficient way to cool both indoor and outdoor spaces. Sadly, not all ceiling fans can be installed indoor and outdoors or durable enough to last in salty coast air. If you live in a coastal area, then you will definitely need to pick the right coastal ceiling fan for your space. With a huge range available, it can be confusing choosing the best ceiling fan for you. We’ve put together a few key pointers from our experienced team to best help you find the perfect coastal ceiling fan for your space


How Are Coastal Ceiling Fans Different to Other Ceiling Fans?

What sets a coastal ceiling fan apart from the rest is that they have been designed from materials which will best withstand tough conditions. As you may know, living close to a coastal area can bring many great perks! However, there are a few things like the added salt in the air that may not be as wonderful...If you’ve ever noticed your outdoor ceiling fans becoming tea-stained and rusted, this is from the extra moisture and salt in the air. Coastal ceiling fans are designed from materials which are sturdier including ultra-durable rust-free ABS materials. Don’t know what ABS ceiling fan material is? Read our blog here to find out!

Coastal Ceiling Fan Materials

Some of the most common ceiling fan materials are plastic and aluminium. For quite some time most coastal ceiling fans were made from rust-free aluminium to keep them in great condition in outdoor areas. However, in more recent times ABS material has taken over as the most popular ceiling fan material for coastal areas. ABS material is fairly new material on the market, despite that it is one of the most popular and effective materials to be used in outdoor and coastal areas. ABS ceiling fan blades offer a rust-free, high performing and lightweight ceiling fan option. This is great when you’re wanting great airflow, efficiency and style. If you want to see some great ABS ceiling fans, simply click here.


Popular Coastal Ceiling Fans

With a huge range of ceiling fans to pick from it can be tricky picking the best coastal ceiling fan for your home or outdoor spaces. The new Breeze Silent ceiling fan range by Airborne Ceiling Fans is a great contender. With a retro-fittable light kit, rust-free ABS blades and competitive price point, the Airborne Breeze Silent is a great addition to any home. If you’re located on or near the coast, you can relax knowing you won’t have to constantly clean rust off of your ceiling fan! Another fantastic coastal ceiling fan is the Ventair Spyda, this Indoor/Outdoor ceiling fan is great for coastal areas with it’s great design, premium materials and low noise level. We have a wide range of coastal ceiling fans which work great in outdoor or indoor spaces, check out more of our range here! 

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