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Ceiling Fan Lights

Ceiling fans lights are an important part of any ceiling fan purchase. Although you can purchase some ceiling fans with lights built-in, in many cases a ceiling fan will need a light kit that is purchased separately.

By combining ceiling fans with lights you not only have the benefit of the ceiling fan but now you can also illuminate your room with a light kit. In many situations putting extra lighting in a room is not possible when you have a ceiling fan installed. For example, if your lights are too close to the fan you will get a strobe like effect. This can be very uncomfortable not to mention aesthetically displeasing.

This problem was solved by allowing the consumers to add a ceiling fan light kits the bottom of their ceiling fan thus giving them a ceiling fan with light. The other great benefit of this was that now customers had a choice of their ceiling fan with light, allowing them to match the decor in the room.

Ceiling fan light kits come in a variety of options including the latest in LED lighting technology providing a significant reduction in energy costs. At Ceiling Fans Direct we sell a huge range of ceiling fan light kits in heaps of different light options and aesthetic choices, to perfectly match your home or office.

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