Cool White 10W Step Dimmable LED Globe Edison Screw (E27)

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With the latest step-dimming technology by Eglo Lighting there is no need for a conventional dimmer as the dimming technology is placed in the light.

This cool white 4000k E27 LED globe can be step dimmed with exisiting switches - wall, cable, housing or foot switches. 

Step dimming is achieved by switching on/off within 3 seconds allowing the lamp to be adjusted with 3 different brightness levels  - 100%, 50% and 25%. The lamp will return to 100% light output if turned off for more than 30 seconds. 

This energy efficient 10w LED globe is equivalent to approximately a 60w Halogen. 

Please Note:  hey are not intended for use with a conventional dimmer. Use with a convention dimmer may cause damage to the electronics. This step dimmable globe can only be dimmed via the on/off switch.