Mercator Lighting Warranty Terms and Conditions

Mercator Lighting Warranty (copyright Mercator Lighting PTY LTD)

WARRANTY: Lighting Products
A 12 month warranty applies to products used in residential household applications. A 3 year warranty applies to Austrabeam brand table and floor lamps used in residential household applications. A 3 month warranty applies to products used in non domestic, commercial or industrial applications. All Mercator products are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials provided the products are used with a voltage supply within the range the product is designed to operate, are installed correctly by qualified personnel and have not been subject to misuse. Mercator’s liability under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of faulty component parts of Mercator products during the warranty period without charge provided the Purchaser returns the product to the place of purchase. Mercator will not be liable for charges incurred by the Purchaser for rectification, de-installation, re-installation and shipping unless the charges have been previously approved in writing by Mercator. This warranty does not apply to light sources or globes, whether supplied separately or as part of the product.

WARRANTY: Ceiling Fans & Remote Controls (Australia only)
Mercator warrants this product against faulty workmanship for a period of 2 years in home on MOTOR ONLY from the original date of purchase in residential household applications or 90 days when used in commercial applications.
The warranty covers parts and labour costs subject to the following conditions:
1. Installation must be performed by a qualified and licensed electrician. The warranty will not apply if the ceiling fan is installed by other than a licensed electrician. Problems arising from incorrect installation are not covered by warranty. The cost of repairs and / or service call arising from incorrect installation, not due to faulty material or workmanship in accordance with the Mercator warranty, will be payable by the purchaser at the time of repair.
2. Warranty applies to product purchased and installed in Australia and does not transfer from original purchaser.
3. Ceiling fans replaced under warranty are warranted only for the balance of their warranty period.
4. Subject to any statutory provisions to the contrary, Mercator will not be liable for damage to furniture, carpet, curtains, walls, ceilings, foundations or any other consequential loss either directly or indirectly caused by unauthorised persons attempting to repair the ceiling fan.
5. Repair work being carried out by a Mercator approved electrician, only after authorisation by Mercator or their authorised agent to complete the repair, is subject to a dated proof of purchase with the installing electrician’s Electrical Safety Certificate.
6. The serviceable area governing in home service is limited by the boundary of the city in which you live. Travel outside of city limits will incur commercial costs to be paid by you, calculated from the number of kilometres travelled beyond the city limits.
7. The purchaser being responsible for:
(a)  Travelling costs incurred where service is requested at premises outside of the serviceable area, or at such time outside of normal servicing times as defined by Mercator or authorised agent.
(b) Transportation & transit insurance costs if the product or parts there of  have to be returned for repair or replacement to Mercator or their service agent.
(c) Repair or defects caused by accident, fire, misuse, alterations, modifications, negligence, incorrect or incomplete installation or power supply faults resulting in damage of this product are not covered under warranty.

8. Excluded from warranty are any changes to climatic conditions deemed to be beyond the control of Mercator or the authorised agents.
9. Except in the case of pre-packed light complete models, light fittings and globes attached to the fan are not covered by this warranty.
All signals sent through by your electricity provider for off peak hot water and other signals, for example street lighting, may cause an intermittent humming noise in the ceiling fan. This is not covered under warranty. Light fittings will often accentuate noises and vibrations that can be traced to loose glasses or other components of the fitting. This is not covered under warranty.
10. Minor variations of speed may be evident between different fans, including the same model. This is not a product fault and not covered under warranty.
11. All claims for warranty must be accompanied with the purchase receipt, electrician’s installation receipt, place of purchase. Please advise model number, colour and style of fan.
12. Remote Controls are covered by a 12 month warranty and are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials when used in residential household applications or 90 days when used in commercial applications.

Exclusions and Limitations
The only warranty Mercator gives in relation to its products is the one set out above. Mercator excludes all other representations, warranties, conditions and
promises, including:
• any warranty or condition in respect of the quality, fitness, suitability, state or condition of Mercator’s products. 
• any warranty or condition implied by law, unless by law Mercator is prevented from excluding it.
Where by law Mercator is prevented from excluding an implied warranty or condition but is permitted to limit its liability for a breach of the warranty or condition, Mercator does so limit its liability in respect to its products, to replacing the products.

Should you have any questions regarding this warranty please feel free to email us.