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Featured New Fan: Bamboo Radical Indoor/Outdoor

When you’re buying a new ceiling fan, you should consider its efficiency and quality, but you should also think about how it will work with the existing décor of your home. After all, you don’t want your fan to clash with your carefully selected furniture and decorations. The new Bamboo Radical Indoor/Outdoor fan by Hunter Pacific is a ceiling fan that’s worth a closer look. It is quite a nice fan, and it will coordinate with many different decorating styles.

Bamboo Radical Fan

A New Fan Can Spruce Up Your Decor

The clean lines of the Bamboo Radical ceiling fan will complement a room with a modern design. The luxurious finish really brings out the grain of the wood, and the streamlined, integrated blades and motor housing give it a simplicity will harmonise well with a modernist look. It’s easy to see this fan in a room that has a Danish Modern feel: high quality materials and soft, simple lines. Imagine this fan, which can be used either indoors or out, on each side of a window wall, with a beautiful view stretching out into the distance.

If your home or business has an industrial look, you’ll love how the natural, simple look of the Bamboo Radical adds another authentic touch; the style is perfect with metal furniture, exposed brick walls and other, rougher wood grains. Imagine it in a cafe/pub/performance space with original art on the walls and furniture that mixes painted metal with natural wood. Because of the quality of the finish, the Bamboo Radical is also a good choice for a traditional space that simply does not need any more fussy detail.

It is also energy efficient and extremely quiet. Choose from six different speeds and summer and winter modes for year-round operation. The Bamboo Radical can be used both indoor and out and is coastal-rated.

More about Hunter Pacific

Hunter Pacific has been selling ceiling fans in Australia since the 1980s. The company started small: a family business focusing on high quality, original products. Today, Hunter Pacific is one of the leaders of the Australian ceiling fan industry. The company is known for its reliability, service and outstanding design. Hunter Pacific is currently expanding its product range, using advances from its research and development division. Hunter Pacific uses the latest technology and stringent testing methods to ensure it produces the highest quality products, which is what its customers have come to expect.

If you’re ready for a new ceiling fan in your home or business, consider the Bamboo Radical. It is also available in white, brushed aluminium and matt black. No matter which finish you choose and no matter what style your décor, it will exceed your expectations.