DC Ceiling Fans

What are DC ceiling Fans? Probably just one of the most exciting innovations to ceiling fans in 30 years! You’ve heard of AC/DC right? Not the band, I’m referring to Alternating Current and Direct Current. Your household electrical supply is Alternating Current whereas things like torches and battery operated motors are Direct Current. Thomas Edison was famous for popularising Direct Current but Nikola Tesla gave the world Alternating Current which eventually became the standard for power supply and generation.

Alternating Current

Alternating current became the standard for electrical power transmission because it could be easily transited long distances with little loss.

Direct Current

The main problem with direct current was that it needed a lot of repeater stations or amplification to transmit it long distances. However it was great at running motors.

Direct Current Ceiling Fans

Essentially ceiling fans are just motors with blades attached. Ever since the first electrical ceiling fan they have been designed to run on AC as that was what was generally available. However in recent times DC Ceiling fans have become popular because they use a lot less power to get the job done. We have a range of DC Ceiling fans but our most popular is the Aeratron 3 blade model.

Aeratron 3 Blade DC Ceiling Fan

Aeratron 3 Blade DC Ceiling Fan. This stylish DC fan not only keeps you cool, it looks really cool too!