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Vintage-Style Hanging Fans

Historic homes hold a certain appeal. They are usually well built and feature one of a kind decorative features like built-in cabinets and beautifully carved woodwork. Vintage-style ceiling fans can complete the look of any historic or modern home, especially one built with high ceilings. We carry vintage-style hanging fans in a variety of brands, designs, and colours.

Vintage-Style Hanging Fans

High Ceilings? Check Out Our Hanging Fans

Our vintage-style hanging fans are perfect for homes with high ceilings. These fans generally feature a long downrod, which means that you’ll feel the cool air generated by your fan despite your high ceiling. They are usually built with an adjustable angle, which is especially helpful if you happen to be working with a high sloped or cathedral ceiling.

The Atlas Acqua is a perfect example of a vintage-style hanging fan, and it comes in several variations. The Acqua fan is inspired by old style commercial fans; some options feature classic wire blade cages. The blades are small, much like the blades of fans from the early twentieth century, but the motor heads can be positioned at various angles in a 180-degree arc for maximum air movement. This rotational fan circulates heat and cool air more efficiently than traditional fans with paddle blades.

Discount Ceiling Fans Can Still Be Stylish

Because we buy our fans in bulk, we can pass massive savings on to our customers. Since we carry such a wide selection of fans, you are sure to find a fan that fits your style for a low price. And, because of our wide selection, even those with interesting and unique homes can find the perfect fan. Vintage fans may be great for historic homes, but they also work in modern homes. If you’re looking for a bit of old-fashioned flair, a vintage-style fan is a great choice.

The Mercator Mustang Ceiling Fan is inspired by a 1940s aeroplane propeller. Its distinctive look would be perfect in either a historic house or a modern loft with high ceilings. The fan is small, but it can tilt to three different angles for maximum air movement. It comes in brushed aluminium or white, and longer down-rods can be purchased separately.

The Vento Fino ceiling fan is one of our most unique fans. Its three blades circulate air perfectly through small spaces, making this fan perfect for a kitchen, cafe or small office. It is available in black, natural, yellow or white. The smallest fan in the Vento range, the Fino is just as chic and stylish as the larger models.

Ceiling fans in Australia are essential to stay cool. And, if you have high ceilings, they are even more essential; having a fan will keep the warm air from gathering near the ceiling in the winter. If you have high ceilings, a vintage-style hanging ceiling fan might be the right choice. They’re highly adjustable, efficient and let’s face it: cool looking.