Vento’s Two Clever Ways To Hide the Blades

Sometimes, the look of a ceiling fan doesn’t suit a particular room. Maybe the room is small and the proportions wouldn’t be right. Perhaps an interesting, modern-looking pendant is what would work best over a dominant piece of furniture like a dining table.

You want a stylish-looking light fixture, but you also need a ceiling fan to circulate air and help you stay cool in the summer. What do you do?

Luckily, Vento has designed two stealth ceiling fans with lights and fold-away blades. These fans are highly effective, but when the fans aren’t in use, they look like chic, stylish light fixtures. As an added bonus, it really does look cool when they convert into fans.

Vento Fiore Fans and Vento Sole Fans

Vento in Australia

While ceiling fans in Australia are certainly not new, Vento is a relatively recent addition to the ceiling fan market. They produce ceiling fans with lights that are favourites with architects and other design professionals as well as home decorators. This prestigious range is known for its unique, modern design.

Vento fans are made from only the very best materials, and they come with a five year in-home warranty, so you know they’ll last for years. Vento employs a stringent testing regimen on each fan, ensuring it is of the highest quality. Each fan is durable and has a unique aesthetic and a decidedly Italian flair. The Vento fans circulate more air than many other ceiling fans, making them perfect for Australia’s climate.

The Fiore and the Sole

So just how does Vento hide the ceiling fan blades?

The Fiore’s transparent blades actually fold downward when the fan is not in use, creating a shade for the light fixture. The fan gets its name from the Italian word for flower, because when it is in use, the blades open like petals. This unique, creative design would look great in any room, and the fan has summer and winter modes, so it can keep warm air from collecting at the ceiling in the winter as well as providing a cooling breeze in the summer.

The Sole ceiling fan continues the nature theme; it takes its name from the Italian word for sun. Its five blades are curved, and they spin around a central lamp like rays of sunshine. When the fan is not in use, the blades retract and fold around the lamp, creating a dazzling light fixture. The body of this fan is a brushed nickel, and the blades are available in natural, yellow, red and mahogany. However, it does not have a reverse setting for winter.

These Vento fans are unique and beautiful. If you are looking for a decorative fixture for your home that circulates air effectively but doesn’t look like a ceiling fan, then look no further. The Vento Sole or Fiore will give you all the benefits of a ceiling fan, while having the appearance of a unique, stylish light fixture.