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Translucent Blades: a New Trend in Ceiling Fan Design

Talk to some interior designers, and they will try to persuade you to forgo ceiling fans; they may not think that ceiling fans make a good addition to a slick, modern design plan. We know that ceiling fans in Australia are an absolute must, though. They circulate air, cool or warm a room, and even help lower electricity bills. Finding a design-conscious fan that harmonies with the decor can make it even more of an asset to a room.

Translucent Blades Ceiling Fans

Translucent Blades ‘Hide’ the Fan

While some older ceiling fans may be tacky or ugly, newer fans can be both functional and stylish. One way to make sure that your fan fits in with your design concept is to choose one that blends in. Hide the fan with blades that match the colour of the ceiling or blades that are clear or translucent. Some fans are even designed to look like stylish light fixtures.

Install a ceiling fan with translucent blades, and your guests won’t even notice you have  one unless it’s switched on and they can feel the cooling air; the blades are even harder to see when they’re moving than when they’re still. Ceiling fans with lights are a great way to maximise ceiling space, and two-in-one fixtures look chic when paired with translucent blades.

Finding the Right Fan

Ceiling Fans Direct has a wide selection of ceiling fans. Looking for that perfect fan can be daunting, which is why I’ve compiled a list of some of our ceiling fans with translucent blades for you. These fans are elegant and discreet, and they’ve got a sleek look that works well with modern and contemporary decorating.

Vento is a master at creating fashionable ceiling fans. The Vento Libellula is modelled after a dragonfly—libellula is the Italian word for dragonfly. It is available with red or yellow translucent blades, or with clear blades. This streamlined fan is aerodynamic and powerful. Vento’s Fiore fan also has clear blades, and when the fan is not in use the blades retract, leaving you with a stunning light fixture. Vento’s Uragano fan is another amazing piece. Its clear blades are modelled after the shape of a hurricane, and its powerful motor ensures maximum airflow.

Hunter Pacific makes more traditional fans, but their Typhoon fan is available with clear blades, giving you tradition with a modern twist. This fan has an innovative moulded blade design and is efficient, quiet, and safe for indoor use. It is also quite reasonably priced.

If you’re looking for a fan on the cutting edge of design, look no further than one of our fans with translucent blades. We have a huge selection of affordable, stylish fans, making it possible to find a ceiling fan that even the most skeptical interior designer will approve of.