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Some of Our Quietest Fans

When you’re deciding which new ceiling fan to purchase, you’re considering many different issues. How does the fan fit into your decorating scheme? Does the fan have a reliable motor? Is the fan covered by a warranty? These are all important questions to answer. Another element you should consider: how quiet is the fan?

The Quietest Fans

We all remember those horrible clunky fans from our childhood, and the thought of those noisy fans may discourage you from adding a fan now. Don’t worry — not only are today’s fans much more energy efficient than those older fans, they are also much, much quieter. To help you choose, I’ve compiled a list of some of Ceiling Fan Direct’s quietest fans.

1. Aeration 3 Blade Designer Eco Efficient Ceiling Fan

This unique fan makes almost no noise. It has won multiple international awards for design and energy efficiency. Because it is so quiet, it is perfect for both the home and the office. Its high-efficiency DC motor uses only a fraction of the electricity needed to power a conventional ceiling fan. It can be installed on sloped ceilings and it has six speeds as well as a summer and winter mode.

2. Martec Lifestyle Ceiling Fan

This fan makes a statement with its looks, not with its noise. Its high-efficiency motor and New Zealand wood blades allow the fan to operate in almost complete silence. It comes in a variety of finishes, making it a stylish addition to any room. Use this incredibly quiet fanyear round with its summer and winter reverse switch. Choose a standard, touch screen or LCD remote for easy operation.

3. Hunter Carera Three Blade Ceiling Fan

Looking for a modern fan? The Carera’s simple lines make it ideal for a home with ultra-modern decor, but its three blade design makes it versatile – it also fits in well with soft or contemporary styles. This fan is extremely quiet, making it perfect for bedrooms. Some people enjoy a bit of white noise while they sleep, but if you need complete silence, this fan is for you.

4. Martec Envirofan T6 Ceiling Fan

Looking for a fan that is both quiet and extremely energy efficient? Look no further than the Martec Envirofan T6. This is the first ever fan in Australia to incorporate a 40W circular T6 dimmable fluorescent globe. This fan is on the cutting edge of design and technology, all with whisper quiet operation. Other features of this stylish fan include a remote control, five curved blades and a timer function. Because it is so efficient, it will save you money on your home energy bill, as well as helping you do your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Swift Ceiling Fan With Timber Blades

This blade produces minimal air noise with its high volume timber blades. No matter where you decide to install this fan, one thing is certain: you won’t be bothered by noise. This fan includes a fully functional remote and a lighting kit.

You can’t go wrong with buying a fan from Ceiling Fans Direct.